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Want sales from social media: think Pinterest

Posted by on 13 Jun 2013

Pinterest is worth its weight in gold when it comes to website traffic and converting social media followers into customers. For those businesses not currently using it as as part of your overall social media strategy, here’s a few things to consider: It is one of the faster growing social networks in the world, it receiving 29,548,000 unique visitors in March 2013, according to comScore. Experian Hitwise tweeted in March that “How fast is Pinterest growing? Consider this: Hitwise says it’s now a Top 30 website, but it was only about six weeks ago that Pinterest cracked the top 60.“

The San Francisco based startup has recently launched in the UK, its demographics are 85% female, particularly, ”[university]-educated females between the ages of 25 of 44” (Forbes). This is known as a ‘sweet spot’, for brands, due to their purchasing power, and prolific use of e-commerce and social networks. Brands like Martha Stewart and Hearst Corp’s digital media outlets have found much higher conversion rates, thanks to the hidden value of Pinterest’s longer content lifecycle, than any other social network, combined.

However, Pinterest is not a network of brands. It’s a network of bloggers and power Pinners, like Melissa Taylor, Brittany Cozens, and Kirsten Kuehn, and hundreds of others who’s followers now run into the millions. What is the secret to growing your brands followers on Pinterest like a pro?

Brittany Cozzens: Be Creative

Brittany Cozzens has over 3 million followers on Pinterest (3,046,632 to be exact), and she’s only a second year university student in the US. Her advice, from an interview with Hello Society is to put serious thought into the visuals: “My advice to brands looking to advertise on Pinterest — be creative! Since Pinterest is such a visual platform showcase the products being used in real scenarios and not just displayed by itself. When photographing products for your website take into consideration aesthetic appeal that pinners would appreciate.“

Kirsten Kuehn: Audience First

Kirsten Kuehn launched her very successful wedding e-commerce site, Kirsten Kuehn Designs, after producing her first range of wedding dresses in 2009. She now has over 670,000 followers on Pinterest and is considered one of the more influential wedding tastemakers on the social network.

Kirsten thinks carefully about the images she pins, how they look, their descriptions, and how they reflect on her brand and designs. She lives and breathes the products, which is how she is able to curate what works well with her audience. The result has been an increasingly large large volume of traffic to her website, resulting in hockey stick style growth in revenue, directly from Pinterest.

Melissa Taylor: Be Consistent

Melissa Taylor is the author of Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers, and now runs an online course, Pinterest Saavy, for those who want to grow their followers with the same success as Melissa. She went from joining Pinterest because all her cool blogger friends were on to having over 1 million followers after only 9 months. She currently has nearly 1.5 million followers, 121 boards and 7,959 Pins. “Focus on being awesome, not getting followers,“ Melissa advises. When I asked her to expand upon her secret?

“Consistency, I pin frequently, and quality, I won’t pin images that aren’t beautiful or don’t seem like engaging content for my readers. Also, focus. I only pin what I think my followers will like — not every interest of my own.“ The spike in followers happened as a natural extension to her passions. It was only during summer of 2012 when she noticed her blog was getting over 300,000 readers per months, and most of those were coming from Pinterest referrals, when she took notice.

For brands looking to leverage the vast potential of Pinterest these are the methods which have worked well for influencers and bloggers. Think of your audience first, be authentic, be consistent, and put in the work and your followers will increase, along with the resulting web traffic and conversion rates.

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