swift language in ios

swift language in ios

16 May


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swift language in ios


Why Swift Has Bright Future for iPhone App Development

Posted by on 16 May 2015

Recently many tech bloggers have praised Swift and depicted it as the strong alternative of Objective C and even it will replace ‘C’ for embedded coding on entire Apple platform including Mac, iOS handheld devices, and wearable devices in near future. If hopes are, such high then is it has some valid reasons behind. Let’s explore that why Swift is praised more.

Ease in Code and Comprehend

Swift isn’t built on C so it is free from all C class languages related warts. For instance,

  • If you want to introduce new Objective C type or object-related keyword in Objective C, you have to use @ symbol in each case. Fortunately, Swift is free from all and capable to unify all keywords by removing extra @ symbols to de-clutter the code documents.
  • Swift doesn’t follow legacy conventions therefore programmers can easily avoid excessive semicolons that need to indicate end of line.
  • You can avoid use of parenthesis to surround conditional expressions particularly inside if/else statements.
  • You can avoid bracket [[ ]] hell in Swift, as it no longer need it to nest method or function calls inside each other because Swift uses industry standard comma-separated list of parameters within parenthesis.
  • Swift is a natural type language so its readability resembles to the English so modern programmers certainly love it.

Ease in Maintenance

Swift offer ease in maintenance too and it has evidenced in following examples:

  • Swift fundamentally avoid double file creation in order to improve the build time and programming efficiencies.
  • Xcode and the LLVM compiler are capable to figure out dependencies as well as perform incremental builds automatically for Swift programming
  • Swift programmers don’t have to follow C paradigm to create two files by separating table of content and body because (.swift) combines both (.h) and (.m).
  • In Swift, you don’t need to synchronize method names and comments between files.
  • Xcode and the LLVM compiler can reduce the work load of programmers behind the scene because it demand less bookkeeping to cuts out boilerplate work and improves the quality of Swift code along with productivity.

Ease in Debugging

Swift allows generating a compiler error along with ongoing writing of the code in document. Therefore, debugging is instant and rapid.

Ease in Memory Management

Swift support automatic reference count (ARC) for procedural and OOP paths. Therefore, memory management is quick and without memory leakage.

Fast Coding

Swift inherently avoid repetition, string manipulation, and other obstacles in fast coding practices. Moreover, with Swift, you can add two strings together so it supports combining two characters on the screens.

Fast Performance

Swift has memory-bound GEMM algorithm with sequential access of large arrays. Therefore, along with FFT and Mandelbrot algorithm, it improves overall performance many folds.

Encouraging Interactive Coding

Swift has highly interactive tool for seasoned or experienced programmers in form of Playground so programmers can write an algorithm while instantly obtaining feedback.

In short, Swift is highly approachable and full-featured programming language to allow iPhone developers to create next generation iPhone apps as well as iPhone apps that supporting solely the Apple Watch and other wearable devices applications with ease and in cost-effective ways. If you have any app idea for such next generation iPhone application development, Mindinventory has impeccable team of iPhone app developers with expertise in Swift and other latest modern iOS development technologies, tools, and techniques.

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