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Grafix Softech and Tej Kohli: The Man Behind the Success

Have you heard about Tej Kohli? He’s making some big waves in the business world. He’s an international businessman who has started his own successful company, Grafix Softech. Here’s a brief overview of Grafix Softech and the man behind its success, Tej Kohli.

The Creation of Grafix Softech

Tej Kohli formed Grafix Softech in 1998. It seeks to improve the gap between business-to-consumer e-commerce payments. Grafix Softech has seen a steady growth since its founding and now has offices all over the world. The company is expecting to hit the billion-dollar mark within the next few years. The company has expanded dramatically since its creation and now covers search engine optimization, creative design, and many more areas. It also now has more than 500 employees.

Kohli Chooses the Right People

To build this empire, Kohli went through a very rigorous process of hiring the people that are right for the job. He doesn’t go on resume alone. He evaluates the employees on an individual basis. The reason for this is simple: Kohli believes that in order to grow a business, you need to nurture the talents of the people you have. You need people that understand business inside and out. You need people that have that certain drive, that X factor, that makes their appetite insatiable.

Furthermore, he listens. With many businesses, there’s a “glass wall” that prevents the employees from communicating with the owner. That’s not the case with Tej Kohli. He listens to everyone and takes their ideas into account. He firmly believes that the future of business lies both in cutting-edge technology as well as in younger people. He wants those people who have never lived without a computer just as much as those that grew up around the computer. Tej Kohli doesn’t count people out just because they don’t have experience — in fact, he believes that doing so is a huge mistake for any company that has long-term plans.

Grafix Softech and Kohli Understand Business

Kohli also understands that, to grow a business, you have to go back to basics with grass-roots tactics. He believes that raising awareness to your business is just as important as your checkbook. Any problems that the business encounters are encountered as a team, not as individuals. He’s involved in a little bit of everything, ranging from technology to real estate.

He understands and instills the basics of business in his employees. He knows that building a global business is much more involved than a local business, and building a global business requires focus, planning, innovation, personal discipline, and flexibility. But according to Grafix Softech’s core philosophies, it all really comes down to is listening. A business should welcome new people with new ideas to grow the company. Without that fresh insight, your company will float along a steady path that will eventually bottom out.

He also understands that disease, poverty, and helplessness can be greatly impacted by human intervention, which is why he set up the Tej Kohli foundation.

The Endeavors of Kohli and his Company

Kohli founded the Tej Kohli foundation in 2005 as a non-profit organization, and he funded the foundation entirely. The original goal of the company was to eliminate the cycle of poverty for children. Since then, it’s expanded dramatically, and now distributes healthy meals, provides clothes to those that need them, and gives people medical care.

In 2007, the foundation expanded even further, helping children and adults in the rural areas around New Delhi and Gurgaon. The foundation focuses on many different areas in India, providing meals and vocational training, empowering women, and restoring sight.

One of the stories that the foundation likes to share is that of Vijaypal. Unfortunately, Vijaypal had two separate accidents as a child. The first was an accident involving a bajra seed, which fell into his eye, causing him to lose 70 percent of his vision in that eye. Later, when he was seven, he had an accident at school which caused him to lose all sight in his other eye. He married a lady and had two children by the time he was 30.

After bouncing around from doctor to doctor, Vijaypal met Dr. Dheeraj of Raman Munjal Hospital, who recommended that he go to the Ahooja Eye Hospital in Gurgaon, India. Six weeks later, he had surgery on his eyes, which lasted two hours. The surgery restores 75 percent of his vision in one eye. The surgery, which cost Rs 30,000, was entirely funded by the Tej Kohli Foundation.

Above everything else, Tej Kohli is a man of the people. He’s absolutely a great businessman, but his ideas have helped grow Grafix Softech into a worldwide company that gives back to the people that need it most.

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