Take the sting out of new VAT rules

As British entrepreneurs and SMEs continue to wade through the complex new VAT rules which came into play on 1st January, high street web design studio Nettl has offered a helping hand with £500 grants and free consultations to any businesses which are concerned.

The new controversial rules which impact businesses selling digital products online have been heavily criticised due to the level of administration and professional resource which will be required to adhere to them, rendering the profit margins untenable for many small businesses.

In order to try and help sole traders and small businesses who are being most adversely affected by these rules, new high street web design studio, Nettl have developed a solution.

The Nettl : Commerce platform provides transactional web design, maintenance and assistance and has recently been upgraded to accommodate the recent BAY changes. Using a plug-in designed specifically to comply with the new legislation, business owners will not only be able to give customers accurate VAT costs based on their location immediately, but also record and store data which is an essential requirement in order to register for MOSS – the HMRC’s new “mini one stop shop” scheme set up to enable businesses to comply with the new VAT rules.

In addition, and to help further ease the burden, Nettl are exclusively offering £500 grants to businesses seeking to upgrade their websites, with a free, no-obligation consultation to kick things off.

Peter Gunning, Chief Technical Officer at Nettl, said: “We’ve already had clients contact us in a panic as their site doesn’t comply. It’s an incredible burden for fledgling businesses who want to sell outside of the UK and goes against the shift in industry and commerce to become more multi-channel focused.

“We have done everything we can to help assist businesses with these new rules to try and avoid clients asking us to switch off international sales because it’s just not worth the hassle for the few extra sales it generates.

“It’s incredibly frustrating because the government claims to embrace micro businesses on one hand, but on the other the MOSS rules are forcing start-ups to register for VAT and deal with all the book-keeping before their businesses have even taken off – what happened to the bonfire of red tape?”

Any sole traders or small business owners who are worried, or are simply seeking some free advice regarding their existing or potential website should contact Nettl, which is opening new format web studios on high streets throughout the UK in a new roll out from parent company, Grafenia plc.

For more details, see or drop into the studios in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin.


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