Are businesses ready for Mobilegeddon? offering limited edition grants to rescue websites from Google Search wipe out

Google is about to administer a major change in its search results that will have a “significant impact” on sites not designed for mobile phones, and it’s happening in less than a month leaving little time for SMEs and entrepreneurs to make sure their websites don’t disappear from search results overnight.

From 21st April, websites that are not optimised for mobile phone or tablet use will be removed from the results of any search being made via a mobile device. The update is being linked to a Google survey showed that 94% of people choose to use their mobile to get local information, and the vast majority of those searches take place at home or at work, where access to a desktop computer is likely to be available.

Although exact details of the new algorithm change are yet to be revealed, it is known that websites which, for example, have a ‘pinch and zoom’ function to read text are likely to be severely impacted or banished from mobile search results altogether.

Peter Gunning, Chief Technology Officer at new cross-media web studio, which specialise in mobile optimisation services, said: “Some of our customers have been putting off a redesign because they’re just too busy, but with this dirty great deadline looming, Google is somewhat forcing their hands. In fairness to Google, they’re responding to what people want. If you search on your phone, and then go to a site where you need a magnifying glass to read the text, it’s a pain. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve visited a website on my phone to get a contact phone number for a business and it turns out to be a picture of a phone number on some obscure webpage. You need to make it easy for visitors, or quite simply they won’t come back.

“We recognise that, for many businesses whose websites were built some time ago, they will be relishing a trip to their web designer about as much as going to the dentist! But things have moved on; five years ago a small business knew they should probably have a website, now it is essential. We’re talking to lots of clients about how they interact with their customers online and adding in tools such as online booking apps, availability calendars, complex click&collect systems and so on, because without these functions a website is already out of date and will fall victim to the new Google Search changes.”

There isn’t much time left to get websites mobile-optimised but there is still time. are offering a special “Mobilegeddon” package, starting from just £299*. Call your nearest studio for a free consultation.


1. Put yourself in their socks

Why are people visiting your site? Ask them. To get your opening times? To get directions? Make sure the things they need are easy to find.

2. Less is definitely more

Current design trends are for big easy-to-read text, lots of white space and simple layouts – gone are the days of animated intro pages and gimmicks.

3. Just get started

A website isn’t like a printed brochure. You don’t have to have it completely finished before you launch. Start with important pages and add more later. It’s easier on your time and your budget! Launch now, then grow.

4. Choose your partners wisely

Maybe the kid next door can knock you up a new site. But what happens when she goes off to ‘find herself’ in the jungle and your site goes down?

5. Trust the machine

You could build one website for mobile, one for tablet, and another for desktop, but that’s the most expensive option. Instead, most people opt for a ‘responsive’ design with a liquid layout. That means content reflows to fit the device viewing it. The rules behind this are complex and it means you’ll have to trust the machine rather than focusing on being pixel-perfect on every device.

FREE MOBILE-FRIENDLY TEST: is a new cross-media web studio, the evolution of sister brand, and part of Grafenia plc. It offers a complete marketing strategy across branding, web design and online media and website services on the high street.

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