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How to turn your app idea into mobile application

Today mobile app markets are flooding with plenty of apps. Therefore, if you search an app for a particular purpose, you will end up with numerous apps simultaneously on your list, and you need to do a comparative study to select the most appropriate one for you.

It is indirectly indicating for an app entrepreneur and developer that market is fiercely competitive and achieving success is daunting indeed.

In such scenario, great app ideas and right development process with right mobile app development team are vital needs for sure success. Therefore, today I would like to discuss how to gain a great idea and turn it into concrete reality.

Developing a Great Idea

Thinking a great idea is half of the work, so if you avoid following mistakes while creating a good app idea for you or your business, you have done great at the first step.

  • Don’t mull over so many ideas, but conclude the best and the most relevant idea or a few idea and select one for implementation.
  • If you want to validate your chosen idea, it is your actual customers can do it for you. Take survey or go directly to your target audience and validate your idea.
  • Think of its potential market and validate your idea with marketing professionals too.
  • Focus on your great idea with zeal and devote your all resources including precious time on it to convert into solid reality on the mobile devices of your target audience as soon as possible.
  • Define the monetization strategy for your app among the several current options such as free app with ads, subscription model, in-app purchase, sponsorship model, and so many others.

Plan the Resources

Plan the resources to show your idea the light of the day. To do so, you have to think of financial resources at first and once it has done go to find out right mobile app development team.

Put your idea on the table for your selected mobile application designing and programming team for brainstorming after signing NDA.

Once things become apparent to the both parties, you can request a quote and finalize the deal with the appropriate team. Remember, the cheapest option is not advisable at all. You need to spend worth the quality you expect in the market.

Once you close the deal of development, the process should start.

Planning the App Development

Before planning, you have to do some homework apart from the audience research, and it is listing the required features and functionality. Once it accomplishes, you can go for wireframe and prototyping.

Designing the App

Today interactive wireframe and prototyping tools are available that enable you to test or work on the actual mobile devices with prototypes and check the mobile-specific user experiences upfront, before doing actual programming!

After finalizing the app prototypes, you need to look at the designers to do UI designing for each screen and interaction. It is a crucial step to realize the look & feel of the app, infusion of smart UI elements, and interaction design.

Developing the App

The best developing practices have some values in the app success so keep code clean, compact, and comprehensive. Clean code offers readability, compact code for performance, and appropriate commenting grant futuristic permissions to do quick upgrades.

Testing the App

App quality depends on the rigorous quality assurance process, and quality should be checked thoroughly. Therefore, deciding mobile app testing methodologies, test types, and test tools are vital.

For Android, beating fragmentation issues during testing process is a big challenge at financial as well as technical point of view.

Approval Process or Deployment of the App

For iOS apps, Apple has outlined the strict quality credentials and your mobile app developers should accustom to it all as well as should follow during the app designing and development process.

App Marketing & Updates

App marketing involves several factors and needs much effort on each. Therefore, good support system, feedback collection, rating, and reviews are something that we need to act on immediately.

Regular updates with an adequate iteration of app performance are the success keys for long retention of the app and great ROI for long.


Right from app idea creation to app development and its marketing involve the complex process and focus on multiple facets. Therefore, an experienced mobile app development company can provide you all as one stop solution.

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