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Rajesh Exports MD Polled as India’s Most Prominent Gold Controller

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows. Rajesh Exports MD has certainly understood the significance of this golden rule. Rajesh Mehta, the Bangalore-based gold mogul, has made it to the list of ‘Top 6 jewellers who control India’s gold’. The survey conducted by The Economic Times ranked Rajesh Mehta, Chairman Rajesh Exports Ltd (REL), the second most successful gold jeweler in India.

Set up in 1989, REL has earned the reputation of being the largest gold processor in the world today. The company boasts of a remarkable gold refining capacity of 2,400 tons per annum, which forms 35% of the world’s total gold.

REL’s achievements are not limited to just that. Headed by the distinguished entrepreneur, Rajesh Mehta, REL enjoys a global presence in gold and gold products. The company ownsstate-of-art manufacturing facilities located at Bangalore, Cochin and Dubai.

Not to miss, advanced R&D and designing units at Bangalore and Balerna enable REL to come up with new processes and technologies for manufacturing and refining of gold. Rajesh Exports also leads the gold business by providing a portfolio of a whopping one million designs. The acquisition of the world’s largest refinery, Valcambi in Switzerland at US$ 400 million is one of the major highlights of REL’s journey so far. With the presence of more than 80 retail showrooms under the name of Shubh Jewellers in state of Karnataka, REL seems to have a long way to go in the gold business.

The announcement of Rajesh Exports MD, Rajesh Mehta being the second biggest gold player in India makes the prospects even brighter. Moreover, the rags to richesstory of this 51-year old self-made businessman deserves journey a mention here too. The journey of Rajesh Mehta ─ India’s 57th richest person─ began at the age of 16. Rajesh, along with his brother Prashant, joined the humble family business of supplying semiprecious and imitation stones to jewellers. It was during this phase that Mehta developed an interest towards the gold business. He seized the opportunity and built a small jewelry manufacturing unit in his garage by borrowing a sum of Rs 1,200. Within a decade, the unit stepped into the capital market with a public issue and made Rs 10 crore.

Rajesh Exports sells jewellery to retail customers at a ‘real rate per gram’, which happens to be the brand’s USP. Rajesh Exports MD ensures that the company levies no making charges on jewellery, thus remaining the first and most preferred choice of Indian and international buyers.

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