Your Mobile app can easily be rejected by users, if you don't follow certain tips.... With Techugo-a top mobile app development company explore the reasons responsible for user's rejection and save your mobile app
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Top 7 Reasons Why Users Reject Your Mobile App

With Average 100 new apps every hour, the survival chances for your mobile app is getting tougher Why only certain mobile apps face the rejection? Is there something they lack in or is it because users have more options? These questions generally bog me down, when I think from the developer’s and user’s perspective, because, it is confusing and scary enough…and as a matter of fact, the answer is the combination of two questions; your mobile app lacks something and since users have more option, they simply reject your mobile app.

It is very disheartening and frustrating for the developers to invest their passion and creativity in the app development process, yet the mobile app does not perform well in its respective store. So it is better to consider some of the most significant pitfalls to be avoided fully which are responsible for the app rejection. If you are not going to pay attention to some of the most important points that lead to app rejection, then you can never be able to attain a successful mobile app fitting the needs of users. Here are some of the major reasons why users dislike your mobile app, let’s explore further…

Ads For App Monetization

Expecting revenue from your mobile app is not a wrong thing, but how it is operationalized on the mobile app that’s what matters. You need to understand at first when your users try to understand your app, the in-between barrier of advertisement, nag them further, and they simply choose to reject your mobile app. So be patient don’t OVERDO the dose of adverts on your mobile app, this would only cause your users to get diverted from the usability of your mobile app.

Loading Time

Hmmm, this is another annoying factor which leads to app rejection from users’ end. If your mobile app is taking longer time than expected to load than your users would abandon it instantly, regardless of its unique app concept and functionality. The ideal loading time is 6-7 seconds, which helps the users to stay engaged with the app, anything crossing the limit of this time-frame, would only increase the app rejection chances further.

Battery Consumption

There had been many instances in the past, wherein I had uninstalled the mobile apps, even when I loved the mobile apps’ usability factors, due to the excessive battery consumption. No user prefers to keep and use a mobile app, which drains their battery in minutes of using the mobile app. This generally happens, when you integrate numerous app features and functionalities, so limit your app features to only the MOST-REQUIRED list and keep your mobile app light and not high on mobile devices’ battery drainage.

App Functionality

Your mobile app concept is marvelous, you have done sufficient app marketing for your mobile app, but when your users have accessed your mobile app for the very first time, it gives the constant tech-hiccups on regular intervals to them. If your app freezes, crashes and gives all sorts of technical glitches to your users, then what you expect, of course, they would never like your mobile app, and would distrust your services, so pay attention to your functionality and let it be a smooth transition for your users to access your app further.

Many Notifications

Keeping your users updated about the new things happening in your services, is a well-structured marketing strategy to boost your sales, but you need to play a smart game of research and analysis her, do not send the notifications to every user every time, rather on the basis of your analysis report filter the users’ data and update them about certain offers/discount according to their targeted market’s demand.

Security Is A Concern

No user has ever been willing to compromise his/her privacy, so you need to consider the security as the major concern in the app development process because this is the another reason most users prefer to reject your mobile app. While developing your mobile app, do not consider the app security as another feature, but take it as a prime concern, this would help you to develop and integrate the best suited technologies in the App Security.

Limited Payment Options

Today’s era is fully digital and your users are smart and prefer the different options to make the payment. If your mobile app does not offer the options to make the payment, they would simply reject your mobile app, because your mobile app fails to prove its usability on their level of expectation. Do not limit the payment options to credit card only, let there be different payment options, such as debit card, PayPal, and BitCoin, so your mobile app would fill every possible corner of your user’s expectation canvas.

A mobile app is successful only when it fulfills the user’s demand and expectations, and if it fails through any means, then your mobile app gets higher chances of being rejected from users. You need to play proactive in the above-mentioned aspects, and need not wait for the bad reviews from users to haunt you because users have ample of options available in respective mobile app stores and you simply cannot rely on your app concept and design to win the heart of users.

If you think your business needs a perfect mobile app solution to achieve the business goals, then you must get in touch with Techugo- a top mobile app development company to fulfill your dream app concept into reality. If you have a question that why Techugo, then lemme explain further; unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in simply developing mobile apps, rather we create EXPERIENCES for our clients, who can climb the success ladder further with our developed mobile apps. To understand our process clearly, you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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