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Book Review: This Lion Definitely Roars

Dead Lions Don’t Roar claims to be ‘A Collection of Poetic Wisdom For The Discerning’.

Now, poetry in this day and age is not what it used to be - long ramblings, clumsy rhymes and an uncomfortable rhythm. No; modern poetry needs to be a light and beautiful forming - it is as much art as a painting or photograph on your social media feed. It needs to resonate and ignite the senses - it has been a while since poetry did that to me, so I was keen to read for myself this collection by Tolu A Akinyemi.

And what can I say? For every mood there is a thought provoking verse… the verses travel through every experience of life - work, family, love, children, dating, marriage, adultery, death .. even going to the loo!

Dead Lions Don’t Roar is actually a walk through a lifetime, yet in the author’s voice I read an underlying energy of youthfulness? This is not written by an old man, but simply a man with an old and very lovely soul. A beautiful old soul, undoubtedly with strong religious depths. But don’t let that put you off - this book is not Christian ramblings, it is life reflected; a great reminder of what we have to give and what we have to live.

The words charge off the page into your brain and wake up senses you maybe forgot you had. I felt energised after reading the title poem, Dead Lions Don’t Roar. Other poems throughout the collection created feelings of sadness, hope, joy, humour, with my particular favourite being Before Social Media.

This book is also raising funds for Age UK Northumberland so as well as presenting a good read, the author is trying to do good by helping older people suffering from loneliness. That fits perfectly with the poem on the back cover ‘Growing Old’ and I think is an admirable action, making the book well worthy of purchase.

I have been told that if you hear Mr Akinyemi read his writings out loud, you are guaranteed goosebumps - I cant wait to go to a reading now (I believe he is planning a mini tour of libraries) because the words even when in my own head caused me to react in that way anyway!

In short, Mr Akinyemi, Dead Lions Don’t Roar is a work of genius - modern day poetry at its best. Actually I think by describing it as ‘for the discerning’ does you an injustice - this is poetry that everyone can and should relate to and learn from.


Dead Lions Don’t Roar is available as a signed copy from EBay (just mention BDaily in comments) or on Amazon as paperback or ebook.

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