Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology
MAMR Muthiah Alias Ayyappan

MAMR Muthiah alias Ayyappan, MD of Chettinad Group, bringing in a Global Culture into India’s Education System with its Fresh Approach

Reckoned as the herald of innovative change in the education sector, Chettinad Group has elevated India’s education to a distinct level.The academic team of Chettinad Group is instrumental in igniting a thousand minds.

“By imparting education, we can usher in a pragmatic solution to all societal scourges,” believes MAMR Muthiah alias Ayyappan , the Managing Director of Chettinad Group.

“India’s transition into a knowledge-based economy entails a generation of educated and skilled youth. To emerge as a global economic powerhouse, the country needs to educate its future citizens and equip them with advanced skills. A large pool of adept workers account for an indispensable part of a globalized economy,” he affirms.

In its attempt to widen the horizon of education sector, the Chettinad Group has floated several educational institutions, schools and research institutes across the country. The Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, Chettinad College of Nursing, Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology ,Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute, Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education in Chettinad Health City and Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, are just to name a few.The group has also encouraged various new courses like bio technology, bio informatics and job-oriented courses.

Advocating an advanced approach towards education, the Chettinad Academy of Research and Education has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for medical education in South India. The wide-range of amenities makes it one of the best-equipped campuses across the country. Students at Chettinad Academy of Research and Education are provided immense opportunities to interact with, and learn from some of the most sought-after professionals in education sector.

“We believe that learning should be mutually rewarding and enjoyable; and students find Chettinad teachers accessible and supportive,” says the spokesperson of Chettinad Group.

Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology trails the same approach, with a vision to establish itself as a World Class College of Engineering Technology and Management offering quality education, innovative research and holistic development to the students.

Persistent in their efforts to widen the scope of education, the Chettinad Group also lays great emphasis on the importance of quality education in schools. Chettina-dSarvalokaa Education, an international school under the Chettinad Group strives to empower students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers and compassionate global citizens, contributing to sustainable development of the country. Having this as its major concern, the school equips its students with skills required to thrive in an increasingly diverse and fast-changing world.

The teaching and learning process at Sarvalokaa Education seamlessly integrates different fields of knowledge. Along with developing self-awareness, the students are encouraged to perceive the interconnectedness of personal and global issues. The campus also has a number of ‘green zones’ based on sustainable approaches such as recycling, organic farming, rainwater harvesting, solar power and other renewable energy sources.

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam is an endeavour to raise integrated children having an immaculate blend of India’s priceless culture and modern scientific knowledge. It strives to strengthen the emotional, psychological and spiritual growth of its students, subordinating their lower interests for the higher interests of the society.

Certainly, with such great initiatives, the Chettinad Group has widened the horizon of India’s education sector.

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