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Rainbird offers intelligent automation technology free of charge to projects supporting vulnerable individuals during COVID-19

Leading intelligent automation firm, Rainbird, has announced that it will offer its technology solution free of charge to individuals or organisations embarking on projects intended to deliver social good. The Norwich-born business has established a truly intelligent technology that can automate complex decisions at scale and explain its rationale at each turn; whether that be a provisional clinical diagnosis, critical financial advice or essential technical support.

Initiated as a response to the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic, the move highlights the provider’s level of commitment towards helping the domestic and international community in times of need, as well as demonstrating the potential for emerging technologies to support those in need by enabling and streamlining critical services.

In an open letter published on the company’s website, CEO James Duez explained that, in the face of the financial and business continuity disruption being faced by individuals and businesses globally, Rainbird will provide free licenses for its solution to any organisation requiring them. No restrictions will be placed upon who can apply for a license, provided it will be used to support vulnerable people in the community during this highly challenging period.

Rainbird’s platform enables the automation of complex decision-making at scale and the business has already partnered with some of the country’s brightest minds as part of a number of initiatives designed to support vulnerable individuals. Earlier this month it announced a partnership with the University of East Anglia to embark on a project to enable fairer credit decisions.

James Duez, CEO, commented: “I invite anyone to use Rainbird’s intelligent automation technology to support our communities at this time of international crisis. It is already relied upon by some of the largest global organisations to deliver critical services. While we are all feeling the pain of disruption, many of us are also facing new financial realities or losing our jobs - as there is a technology that can help mitigate these negative effects, it would be irresponsible if we didn’t make it available for free where it can be wielded for the greater good.”

He added: “Technology is probably more critical right now than at any other moment in history. We applaud and watch with anticipation as data scientists predict virus inflection points and scientists advance hopes for a vaccine.”

Any individuals or organisations who would like to use the web-based technology for free are invited to complete a short form. Weekly online training sessions will be provided, with the initiative ultimately geared towards helping firms and individuals through non-commercial projects.

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