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Disrupting the traditional media models

by Tom Keighley

How confident do you feel in being the master of your own news? User generated news, opinion and advice sits alongside editorial at Bdaily. This model has raised some eyebrows, not only from other media quarters, but from businesses themselves.

A journalist may argue that users might not possess the news sense or balance, among other skills required, to put together an engaging and relevant news story, or an opinion article.

I think it would be wrong to suggest that. While Bdaily does not propose to dispense with journalism, we are opening up the floor. There are many, many excellent communications professionals out there (who may have been journalists at some point); as well as erudite and articulate business people with expertise in their niche field.

The Bdaily team has been working hard to make sure we get the balance right. From moderating submissions to the site, through to building relationships with contributors - we’re keen to give businesses a means to become involved in the news. It’s new territory, and that said, we really value dialogue with our readers, users and contributors. Leave me a message in the comments below and let me know what you think.