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The bigger they are, the faster they bounce

by Simon Tapson

Bdaily have recently experienced a very short period of downtime which coincided perfectly with the bulletin delivery. This you can imagine, caused some dismay in the office. The catalyst of this outage was an automated DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attack, targeted at another customer using the same third party that we use to deliver our website. This attack caused our provider’s servers to become so busy that they were rendered incapable of directing traffic to Bdaily.

The irony in this situation is that we recently moved to a very well regarded provider in order to offer a more stable service, which will allow us to manage all of our domains from a central location. Unfortunately it seems the larger an organisation is, the more appealing a target it becomes for this sort of attack. A positive upshot is that the more reputable providers also have a much shorter recovery time.

Reassuringly the problem was handled professionally and our service was resumed within minutes of the initial failure. While we remain confident that the move will allow us to provide an improved service, it is interesting to discover that in attempting to circumvent a potential problem it is so easy to inadvertently cause it.

As the events of last week proved, we are still learning. However, the endeavor to perfect Bdaily continues.