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Out of the pan into the fire

by Graham Vincent

Graham Vincent, Bdaily Content Manager

What exactly does a Content Manager do? That was the question that shrouded my mind as I pondered my new role at Bdaily over the Easter Bank Holiday.

As the revelry of the long weekend morphed into excitedly starting with Bdaily on Tuesday, I thrust straight into acquainting myself with the nuances of content aggregation and also meeting the team.

Content aggregation will be my lifeblood over the coming months; from developing contacts and seeking partners for aggregation, to managing key clients and driving Bdaily content.

My journalism experience consists of freelance writing about Latin America, a place I have visited many times, and I love to write about my experiences and knowledge gained throughout my travels.

Latin America, despite its many travails, is beginning to prosper. In large part, this is due to the work ethic and entrepreneurialism of the people - there is a micro-business on every street corner, from a chewing gum seller, to a beer salesman on the beach (admittedly, this does not require much of a sales pitch!).

It is this experience that powered my interest in business and economics, and I will endeavour to develop further awareness of UK business and the Bdaily brand going forward.

As I reach the twilight of my first week at Bdaily, the steam rising from my first round of cuppas made, I look forward to the challenges, and, I hope, successes to come.