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Can art and technology co-exist?

by Miranda Dobson

I used to think technology was fairly irrelevant to my life. It existed on my computer screen and in my phone, and that was about it. I always thought of myself as a staunch traditionalist who opted for ‘real’ books rather than e-books, and who would rather flick through a giant photo album than cast my eye over a digital photo frame.

Then I started working for Bdaily.

Over the past eight months I have been (almost fully) converted after realising that technology is not the enemy, nor is it destructive of art or culture as I used to think. Instead, by immersing myself in a business that is driven by changing technologies, I have seen it is now absolutely integral to our lives and society, as well as creativity.

“Google Poetics”, a fad started by Reddit users, is one example of how digitalisation and technology are far from the antithesis of art, but can in fact be part of the creative process themselves. By typing a couple of words into a search engine, the first few automatic suggestions have been known to create somewhat short but beautiful poems. Think of it as a type of robotic-haiku. It doesn’t always work of course, but Google Poetics exemplifies how the use of technology can be creative in a similar way to human-generated art.

Like any new fashion that at first seems alien, technologies with a true and meaningful purpose in our daily lives will eventually become part of the mainstream. People may have scoffed at Google’s latest development of a smartphone integrated into a pair of glasses, but it is inventions like this that will take us forward, rather than regress us into artlessness. Google Glass is the type of invention that also perfectly demonstrates how technology will eventually be interwoven with everything we do.

It is much the same with certain aspects of Bdaily. Our member news page allows readers and users to post their own news straight on to the site, which is not something traditional news outlets have ever done before. This shows how news and technology are now integral to each other, and can evolve and progress together. Not only does Bdaily break the traditional media model, but we also work right alongside some tech genius’ at Ground Six who are keeping us ahead of the curve on a daily basis. Collaboration with our colleagues at Ground Six is what keeps Bdaily fresh and exciting. New ideas and innovation in technology are our driving force, and it should be the same for any evolving business. Moreover, for any individual.

So my e-book reader may have dust on it, and I may still believe digital photo frames are the work of some malevolent, evil force, but just by looking around us it is quite clear that technology and art can happily co-exist, and they’re here to stay.