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Sarah's Card

Bdaily, the story so far

by Sarah Callender

I thought this would be a good time to provide a bit of an insight in to Bdaily and some of the things we have been experiencing as a business. In April 2012 I was involved in the set up of a company called Ground Six. In a nutshell, we’re a team of entrepreneurial programmers, designers, marketers and businesses minds who have come together to build and create technology driven businesses. We’ve spent the last year developing a range of idea’s and have launched a number of products and early stage businesses. During that time we also got involved in Bdaily on an ad hoc basis due to shared interests from our investor. At the end of last year we were presented with the opportunity to acquire Bdaily, and we jumped at the chance.

Taking on an established business brought us assets that you can’t achieve overnight with a start up. We have an established loyal user base, paying customers, a mature digital presence and best of all a team of talented, entrepreneurial people who were up for the ride as much as we were. However, it also presented challenges, like managing the change over with staff and existing customers; understanding the user base well enough before making big changes to our offer; dealing with market perception and the inheritance of existing processes and systems.

Technical and design improvements

Building strong foundations for growth has been a key focus. Having the resource of the Ground Six team has really strengthened our proposition. One of the first things we decided to do was to relaunch the daily news bulletin and bring the user experience in line with the website - this was done in January. We have also made changes to the sign up process; added a Bdaily blog for the team; and modified the publishing platform which needed improving from a design and user experience perspective. This went live in April. We are busy making some small improvements to the layout of the home page and article pages which will help our readers consume content and encourage article reads and page views (critical stuff for an online business that sells off the back of these stats).

Building our team

Content is King for us. Tom, our Editor, and I recognised a gap in the team skills set and recruited Graham, our Content Manager. His job is to drive up the amount of good business relevant content on the site. This has significantly increased since he joined us. We have also built up a pool of freelance journalists who are reporting on business news from around the regions. Our Sales proposition has been one of the biggest challenges to date, I plan to dedicate my next blog to that subject and share some of our learning as a business….mistakes and all.