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It’s like Bdaily, but better

by Simon Tapson

Yesterday we rolled out a series of site-wide design changes to better accommodate the increasing quantity of stories being generated by our journalists in the field and the wider professional community. These changes are the result of studying months of usage data and are intended to provide the best possible user experience with the cleanest, simplest interface.

Upon navigating Bdaily you will now find that the content is better arranged to highlight the different types of article, sources and sectors available. We have added related content to each article page to facilitate further reading and the social sharing buttons have been simplified and expanded to include all of your favourite social mediums.

I extend our collective thanks to every member of our community that had a hand in helping us improve the service. Your comments, insights and habits are an invaluable asset in our ongoing improvement processes.

We will always welcome your thoughts on any aspect of Bdaily so if you would like to comment on the new design please Tweet @bdailynews or leave us a message on Facebook.