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Bdaily and you: a burgeoning relationship

by Graham Vincent

So your company wants to broadcast your insight into a pertinent issue, but you want to be seen to be quick to the punch and get your message out promptly. Print media doesn’t allow for this. But Bdaily Business News does.

Now, you can boost credibility and establish yourself as an expert within your particular sector by publishing content yourself direct to your own profile on Bdaily. Your business benefits by the immediate publication to the right audience, as well as building awareness and exposure for the business.

Your message is instant, online and available to the world, not delivered through the letterbox the next morning.

We want good, fresh content but to stand out and be seen more prominently you can join our many clients in paying for featured articles and/or advertising, as well as enhancement via our social media tools. We offer a business numerous avenues for enhancing its brand perception.

So what makes good online content for Bdaily?

Well, most importantly, our market is the voluminous British and US SME’s that have already signed up and will consume your content. It should also be topical, in keeping with current themes, issues and trends, refrain from being strictly advertorial, and be written in a concise, informative manner.

It is an opportunity to surpass the competition. Rather than paying for newspaper, magazine or TV advertising, and waiting days for it to be published, utilise Bdaily’s platform for content marketing, and sign up.