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Map of the regions

Hunting news in the regions

by Miranda Dobson

We can talk about how fantastic developments in communication and technology are until the cows come home. And of course, they are great, and forward thinking is a principle that Bdaily is founded on. But when it comes to writing engaging news stories, the importance of having a real, personal connection with the area you’re covering is paramount, and not something that can be replaced with even the speediest of broadband.

At the beginning of 2013, Bdaily made its first step to send journalists out of the North East, starting with myself, to cover regional news in different parts of the country. I am now stationed in the North West, where I have seen no end of the benefits of face-to-face meetings with the business community and having a direct connection to the region.

Being back in the North West, from whence I first came, has also enlivened a genuine excitement about what is going on in the region, which I don’t think would be possible without actually being here in the midst of what is happening. From debate around the nuclear industry in Cumbria, to the amazing digital and creative hub that is Manchester, to the vast regeneration projects that are going on across Merseyside. I’ve come back to a place that is absolutely buzzing with excitement around future plans for development and growth.

As Bdaily expands, we hope to become a stalwart part of the regional business communities that we cover, and to have a real connection with our readers and members. It is essential to Bdaily that we propagate this relationship, as we offer a customisable bulletin that is specific to our regions each morning. Moreover we welcome comments and feedback from those who are engaging with us.

Having been in the North West and speaking to the people who run businesses in the region, I’ve found that there is nothing more valuable than face-to-face interaction, and this is something Bdaily only hopes to install in other regions across the UK as we grow and develop.