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Blogging for business

Blogging on Bdaily

by Simon Tapson

As blogging gains popularity with the budding business writers in our community we felt it appropriate to give everyone a quick update on our self publishing platform.

We have 3,000 existing bloggers, with 567 of those publishing articles last month; a number which is growing steadily.

Your own blog already exists

Clicking on my name at the bottom of this page will take you to the home of my Bdaily blog or, after publishing an article yourself, clicking on your own name will take you to yours.

To start blogging just click here to write your first news, opinion or advice piece. If you are not logged in or registered you will be asked to do so before you are taken to the article creation page.

As an example of what your blog page will look like once you have populated it, here are examples of a business blog and a personal blog on Bdaily for your perusal:

Barclays Bank PLC

George Bull of Baker Tilly

It’s better, stronger, faster…

Not only is our publishing platform in a perpetual state of improvement and expansion it also has a few things over traditional blogging methods. The most notable of which is our existing community.

Every time you post you are exposed to an existing audience of engaged business people, active bloggers, journalists and investors to name just a few. There’s no need to build an audience as it’s already here.

The second advantage to blogging on Bdaily is that your posts are not left to sit alone, in the cold, on your blog page.

  • We pull blog posts into our member news sections
  • As your posts gain popularity they will appear on our home page and in the ‘Popular’ sections everywhere else
  • Interesting news pieces can lead to further investigation by our journalists, or interviews on the subject matter
  • Our bloggers often find their Bdaily articles on Google News, BBC News and at the top of search results. Publish an article and then search for the headline on Google to see for yourself
  • Social sharing and commenting are already included in the platform, so there’s no need to waste time adding or moderating them yourself

No excuses

Whether blogging hasn’t worked for you in the past, or you are thinking of starting your first, Bdaily could be the place for you. Click here to get started.

We will shortly be deploying a long list of improvements to the self publishing platform so keep your eyes open…