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‘Continual Improvement’... put simply, making things better

by Sarah Callender

This is something we all aspire to achieve when running a business, but the reality is that embedding ‘continual improvement’ as standard practice takes huge amounts of effort and needs to be embraced as part of the culture of an organisation.

In the early stages of taking on Bdaily, we all agreed that we needed to be able to measure and track our performance better in order to inform the decisions we were making across the business. So, we built systems and processes that provide us things like real time statistics, data on user behavior, traffic sources and most popular content - all of which have helped us to establish where the real value in our business lies.

It’s all about timing and balance

Getting the timing and balance right can be tricky, get this wrong and you could find yourself in a perpetual state of change and chaos. If you make too many changes at the same time, it can be difficult to monitor the impact. If you make subjective changes without evidence, you could fall in to the trap of feature creep which usually results in businesses offering features that no one will ever use. Alternatively, there are those who choose to sit back and do nothing, living in hope that things will just improve by themselves.

Some examples of our efforts to continually improve

1. Customer Journey Mapping

We dedicated a day last month to assess and map out what a typical Bdaily customer’s journey is. We have expanded our sales team over the last few months and establishing clear processes and systems is essential for us to ensure a fantastic and consistent delivery of customer service, regardless of who you dealt with in the team. We focused on the potential pressure points in the journey and agreed responsibility and ownership within the process.

2. Bdaily Site Navigation header

Earlier this month we were looking at what calls to action were really important to us as a business, in line with what the stats were telling us about users’ activity on the website. Below are some of the findings that informed our ultimate decision to redesign our main navigation header on the site.

  • Bdaily users were not using the sector links as much as we thought they would, so we have dropped them from being the whole top line of the header into a ‘mega menu’ format with ‘further reading’ links on the right hand side of the page
  • Users are publishing (as we want them to), so options to post an article, job and event are more clearly signposted at the very top of the page
  • The regional filter was a favorite with our users so we have given it greater prominence with another ‘mega menu’

These are just two of many examples of how we have been trying to ‘continually improve’ at Bdaily. We have just passed the 12 month mark since taking on Bdaily and one thing I can say is that we have been on a journey of discovery, improvement, change and substantial growth - all things I hope we continue to experience in the future.