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Business in Sport: our new Bdaily baby

by Sarah Callender

Chit-chat in the office

As is the case in many businesses, sport is often a hot topic of conversation in the Bdaily office. This usually consists of light-hearted banter about the weekend’s football results, gym schedules, climbing, surfing and my own personal favorite, kickboxing. However, over the last six months the Business of Sport has become a major subject of interest - so much so that discussions have led us to an important change in the business.

Sport is big business

According to a report commissioned bySports England, Sport’s contribution to the English economy reached £20.3 billion in 2010. This placed sport in the top 15 industry sectors in England, above motor vehicles, telecoms services, legal services, accounting, publishing, advertising and utilities.

We also can’t ignore the impact of the Olympics. As early as July 2012, the British government announced that the UK economy had seen a £9.9 billion trade and investment boost from hosting the Games… impressive!

With this in mind, over the last few months the team has been looking into the value of the nine sectors we cover on Bdaily and started to really drill down into our analytics. Clear trends emerged and it became clear that no matter how hard we worked, the ‘Third Sector’ was always the least popular of the nine sectors. Furthermore, feedback suggests that such a niche market is better serviced by dedicated sites such as Third Sector news.

During this period we also observed the huge popularity of articles that were connected to the Business of Sport. So, to avoid standing, still we planned a swap - Third Sector for Business in Sport, which will be launched on February 3rd.

Now, to avoid confusion I will clarify that this isn’t a sector reporting on football results, gossip on Wags or twitter accounts of famous footballers. Falling in line our other sectors, this is content (news, advice and opinion) that relates to the ‘Business of Sport’.

A focus will be placed upon the supply chain for large sporting venues, which impacts on a huge number of our readers, right across the SME market in all regions.

A personal venture in to the fitness industry

The fitness industry is something I personally have a close eye on at the moment as I am currently working on a small business venture with my husband, who will be launching his own company in the next few months that will centre around fitness, strength and conditioning.

Please get in touch if this is of interest to you and your business.