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Up the jargon creek without a ‘leading, scalable solution’

by Fiona Kay

As the sales and marketing executive at Bdaily, I often find myself meeting fellow business people who dabble in ‘buzzwords’ and jargon. I’m guilty of it myself, as are other members of the Bdaily team. In the office, we’ve set up what is known as the ‘Jargon box’, where team members can be named and shamed for their jargon sins. It’s currently fairly empty because everyone has been on their best behaviour since its implementation.

Amongst the sales team, ‘pipeline’ can often be heard being bandied about. ‘Touching base’ also frequently makes an appearance (we won’t name any names – that’s for the Jargon box). The editorial team, who makes a point of avoiding jargon at all costs, are instead inundated with press releases referring to the newest ‘leading’ company in ‘online solutions’.

Jargon also manages to creep its way into our personal lives. We were only recently trying to get a quote from various double glazing companies for our new house and were bombarded with boasts of the best ‘quality’ and ‘state of the art’ technology. I’m not entirely sure what these phrases actually mean any more seeing as they are so heavily used, but I’m certainly not paying £24,000 for an indefinable ‘quality’.

It’s often easy to slip into using this phraseology without even realising it’s happening. In my experience, jargon or buzzwords are used as a safety net to fall back on when other words simply don’t spring to mind. They are a habit that is often contagious to others.

Sometimes it can be forgiven, and in some people even endearing and entertaining. Everybody is guilty of it at some point or another, and although annoying, it seems unavoidable and is so integrated within the business community that it is easily overlooked. So, for now, we must accept the jargon machine and hope that one day, we will live in a jargon-free world filled with thesauruses.

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