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Bdaily makeover (Because we’re worth it!)

by Clare Burnett

It’s coming up to my 6 month anniversary at Bdaily and a lot has changed in those 6 months, I can barely keep up!

We’ve had a brilliant revamp, thanks to the lads at Ground Six, to make our user experience better and even more regionally focussed.

You may have noticed we’ve whittled down our regions to the ones where we have a full editorial presence, but still have big plans in the works, so don’t think we’ve forgotten about you UK!

Yorkshire news is coming in thick and fast, and not only has my home county been welcoming the new ideas that Bdaily brings, such as self publishing, our business community has embraced it.

Online publishing is changing fast, and we all have to move quickly to keep up with it, getting to grips with social media, the importance of sharing and using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to businesses, brand awareness and marketing has helped us raise our presence.

Blogs have become a big deal, and creating an online presence for yourself and/or your company is becoming increasingly important. That’s why I love our self publishing platform, you can create a name for yourself and your company, become a community expert in your area of business, although my colleague Caron’s idea of a Yorkshire gossip colum - “Oo ‘er missus” didn’t ever quite get off the ground!

If you fancy giving Bdaily’s self publishing platform a shot, log in and start writing here.