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Fighting the economic downturn

by Sarah Callender

I can’t recall precisely who said this to me but I do remember the essence of their message; if you can succeed in a recession you will have the foundations of a really strong business. Difficult times force you to operate leanly, tightly manage costs, and question where any additional spend should be invested. It also encourages innovation and development in those who are hungry to really shine in an environment where things aren’t quite so shiny.

Some, though, are hit by external factors that they either have no control over, didn’t plan for, or had hoped wouldn’t have an impact on their business. I’ve read a number of blogs focused on ‘recession-proof businesses’; those selling products or services where demand continues regardless. Some criticise those that capitalise on difficult times but I admire entrepreneurs who can spot opportunities in areas where demand may be higher - debt collection, repossession and removal businesses always do well during a time of recession.

During turbulent economic times, Bdaily has managed to continue to grow and develop. We have just had our best month for sales, traffic to the site, articles read, bulletin subscribers and social engagement. In April 2014 our readership grew by 122% and articles read increased by 79% in comparison to the same period last year.

It has been reported that the UK economy grew by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2014. We at Bdaily, however, with an ever-evolving product range, have been fortunate to see sales increase by 50% between March and April, with a reassuringly healthy pipeline moving into May.

We are great believers in the notion that a recession is no excuse for subsistence. A difficult time for business, yes, but for those who love a challenge and are up for the fight, an economic downturn is not without its supply of opportunity.