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Free cake, Picasso and email marketing

by Fiona Kay

A couple of weeks ago I found myself excitedly anticipating a certain day at work. ‘A work night out or free cake?’ I hear you ask. No, it was actually the day we launched our email marketing service (sad, I know). I’ve become increasingly interested in the subject in recent months, mainly down to my boyfriend who is heavily involved in it as part of his job, but also because we had seen that it would really lend itself to Bdaily, how we work and what we offer.

My boyfriend and I had previously discussed how successful email marketing had been within the company he works for, another North East based SME. Collectively, we realised at Bdaily just how useful, appropriate and lucrative this could be for our own user base if tailored to suit our specific model. To quote Piccasso, “The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal”.

Over the years we’ve made sure to offer services that meet customer expectations and allow our clients to tap into and make the best use of our SME-centric audience. Email marketing therefore seemed like a no-brainer as it has one of the highest ROI out of all of the marketing tools available, nicely coupled with its ability to be measured and adapted accordingly. Although it’s looked on as something fairly old hat from a marketing perspective, we think that it effectively complements our more up-to-date services, design and user interface. After all, you can’t argue with success.

I’ve been out and about at a number of regional events in recent weeks and the reception we’ve received about email marketing has been extremely positive. I’ve found others out there that seem to share our enthusiasm for the service, and as you can imagine that has been hugely gratifying. We know that our email bulletin is highly valued by the North East business community and therefore we also want to offer these readers another source of business information, offers and events through our additional emails via our e-marketing service.

My boyfriend and I have come to the conclusion that we really need a holiday so that we stop talking about email marketing in our free time. Dubrovnik here we come!