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Secondhand Bookstore

The top 5 most relaxing businesses to own

by BusinessesForSale

One of the downsides to running your own business can be the stress it imparts. From chasing new business to unpaid invoices to staffing problems, having your own company can cause all manner of problems. On the positive side, you are no longer tied to the whims and regulations of another boss or company, and you have the freedom and flexibility to develop your own business however you see fit.

So in this area where stress can play such a leading role, what are the types of businesses that will either reduce the level of worry, or remove it entirely? This article highlights 5 businesses which can be far more rewarding that stressful.

1. Jeweller

If you create your own jewellery, chances are you’ll be working entirely to your own designs and agenda - and probably have your own workshop. With the freedom to design your own collections and pieces, and the creative (and possibly financial) rewards that come with it, this is one business model that should provide fulfilment and reward in equal measure. You can commission work for clients on your own terms, and with a small gallery or shop you can interact with customers and receive direct feedback on a regular basis.

2. Personal hairstylist

Hairdressers can choose to work in a shop or boutique or travel to clients’ homes. The latter affords a great deal of freedom and flexibility - perhaps one week you’ll be creating beautiful hair designs for a wedding party, and another you’ll be styling an individual look for an exclusive client. With good human contact and interaction, good rates of pay, and the freedom to choose clients and work according to your own timescales, this is another job that’s high on reward and low on stress.

3. Second hand bookshop

What could be finer than whiling away endless hours browsing dusty old books in a quaint old bookstore? Owning the shop would be a good start. It may be a competitive and relatively low-paying business, but dealing in second hand books, and the accompanying pricing and cataloguing is a dream occupation for the bibliophile. Plus where else can you relax and sample your own wares all day long while exchanging pleasant conversation with fellow book lovers?

4. Quiz show researcher

Often undertaken by freelance workers, research jobs for television can be extremely rewarding and relatively stress-free. Running surveys, looking up information online, and working up quiz question sets can all be done from the comfort of your home, and you’ll even educate yourself into the bargain! Many shows employ independent researchers, and, once you’ve made that first step, repeat jobs should come your way regularly.

5. Owning a beauty shop

There’s an enormous market for beauty and tanning shops, from salons creating beautiful nails to sunbed emporia. Whilst it’s a competitive industry, overheads can be low and there’s a good mark up on treatments. Not only that, but if you can establish yourself, you’ll have endless repeat business and a good turnover of new clients. Plus where else can you work a full day and then pop into your own tanning booth or spa for a pamper at the end of the day?

By Matt Skinner, Managing Editor of, the market-leading directory of business opportunities from Dynamis. Matt manages content across all titles in the Dynamis stable, as well as being a regular contributor to industry publications, including Talk Business and Start Your Business magazines.