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What makes good content?

by Ellen Forster

Content is the king of the marketing jungle. In order to ensure you’re ahead of the pack, take a look at our handy list of tips for producing good content.

As the content manager here at Bdaily, I deal primarily with the opinion and advice sections of the site, as well as member’s news. Every day, I am faced with content of varying quality and style and it’s my job to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Many people argue that the time taken to produce content can be used better elsewhere, for example in sales or marketing. However in reality, the power of content in this technological age is beyond that of any other medium.

Producing good quality content isn’t that difficult at all. Here are few tips to follow to ensure your content reaches its full potential: -

1. A good headline is key:

According to recent research, 50% of internet users stay on a webpage for less than ten seconds. Regardless of how good your content is, without a strong headline, you simply won’t get the clicks.

2. Quality over quantity:

At Bdaily, we recommend 350-500 words is optimum length for an opinion or advice piece, with 250-500 words for a news piece.

Using bullet points is a reader-friendly way of displaying information, allowing busy users the chance to pick and choose the information they want from your content without wasting their time on the rest.

3. Have an audience in mind:

Take time to work out who reads your content. If you write employment advice, then why not share on Linkedin? If you’re an entrepreneur, use Bdaily’s self-publishing platform to reach a targeted business audience. If your content is great, but in the wrong place - no one will care. It’s harsh but true!

4. Be human:

Writing from a first person perspective is proven to be the most effective way of appealing to your reader. Also, a little light-hearted humour and an eye-catching image will help in retaining the reader’s attention for your whole piece.

5. Share, share… SHARE!

So, you’ve written an article and published it on your blog or even on Bdaily. Now what? Get it shared! use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, forums… everything at your disposal to share your content and sit back watch the readers roll in.

Had a spark of inspiration? Head over to Bdaily’s self-publishing platform to share your content with our 100k unique monthly visitors.