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Michela Business Card

The top 10 most innovative business cards

by Michela Johnson

So you’ve established a niche, had a business plan approved, secured funding and are fast approaching the exciting new chapter in your professional life, running your own business. Exciting times lie ahead and there are many things that you will be addressing at this stage, but have you given serious thought to how your business card might look? Chances are, the answer to this question is no. But, before you head off to a common or garden card-printing machine in a service station and rattle off a run of the mill design, consider the idea that this small yet perfectly formed snapshot of your business can make or break a deal.

By approaching the business card in a fresh and innovative way and effectively branding your business from the start, you can ensure that your company makes a lasting impression and remains in your potential customers consciousness.

With this in mind, you’ll probably now want to know how to nail this business card successfully? Well, the best way to forge ahead in this task is to rip up the rule book! Be bold, be adventurous, be daring, be creative…Just don’t conform to type.

Look at different colours, textures, shapes and materials. What is your business offering? Can you translate this onto a card in such a way that will turn heads? Can you turn a pun or play on words into a cheeky slogan or concept? Can you demonstrate what your business does simply and effectively within the card concept? These are all things to bear in mind when looking to stay ahead of the business card game.

Still stuck? Well, here are some companies who are tackling business card creation like an absolute boss! Ladies and gentlemen, its time you learned from the masters…

1. Tearable divorce lawyer card

What better way to illustrate the ultimate division - that of the Decree Absolute - than a tearable business card from your divorce lawyer? Whilst this is definitely one for those with a dark sense of humour, it is damn inventive. Think about your brand, your concept and incorporate this into the creation of a truly original business card.

Courtesy of The Think Tank London via Flickr Creative Commons

2. Miniature cheese grater

It’s a miniature, operational cheese grater…A stroke of genius, I think you’ll agree. If you can create something useful that also ties in with your business idea then run with it. Let your creativity fuse with practicality and see where you end up!

Courtesy of Linn Yeung via Flickr Creative Commons

3. Bike multi-tool

Perhaps one of the most useful business cards I have ever seen, this bike multi-tool card is presented on metal and can be used for a multitude of repairs. Better than your average business card, which definitely can’t perform as many tasks…

Courtesy of Linn Yeung via Flickr Creative Commons

4. Bottle opener

Following on the super-useful theme, this quirky little business card will be your clients best friend when you are cracking open a post-work beverage. As a result of this, the business card should last a lot longer in their memory…once the hangover subsides of course.

Courtesy of

5. Animation for the nation

Proving that you don’t have to be providing a utensil to get ahead of the pack, this card perfectly illustrates how the use of eye-catching animation style illustration to grab the attention of the client.

Courtesy of DailyGraphicDesign via Flickr Creative Commons

6. Design deviation

Whilst this card doesn’t offer you a solution to a unopened bottle of beer or put the finishing touches to your pasta dish, it uses a very simple deviation from the standardised business card format and in doing so becomes more memorable.

Courtest of Daily Poetics via Flickr Creative Commons

7. Origami at its best

A novel use of the card almost certainly guarantees your card will linger long in your clients melody…Oooops I mean memory! If you can incorporate your business as well as this then you are onto a winner.

Courtesy of via Flickr Creative Commons

8. Play with the words and have some pun!

A decent pun or play on words can help elevate your business card from humdrum to humdinger! Not only does it help create a concept it also forms the basis of a great brand.

Courtesy of

9. The devil is in the detail

Don’t be afraid to go all out in the detail of your business card – illustrating your business, trade or service can become the full focus of one side of the card. Check out this DJ’s business card if in need of inspiration.

Courtesy of Serge Gray via Flickr Creative Commons

10. It doesn’t have to be card…

Your business card does not necessarily have to be printed on card. Different materials can help you create an eye-catching design and if you really want to make a lasting impression, make something someone wants to show off.

Courtesy of