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How to make the most of the summer downturn in the workplace

by Ellen Forster

Here at Bdaily, we’re celebrating our best month ever! In July, we smashed our previous records for traffic. As we continue to witness growth, even during the harsh summer months, I’ve decided to compile a list of tips on how to best deal with the summer downturn:

1. Make sure everyone chips in - This time of year can be difficult for SMEs as staff take annual leave, and there isn’t always someone there to cover. At Bdaily, we take pride in our infallible work ethic and we all chip in to help each other out when needs be - no task too small. We’ve shared social media duties, manned the phones and worked together to build strategies to deal with the reduced resources from which all SMEs suffer during this time of year.

2. Take advantage of the quiet - The summer is a perfect time to network. Organise to meet with clients and colleagues in person, rather than frantically communicating via email and voicemail. As the business world slows down over the summer, go out and build relations with existing and potential clients - this will be invaluable during the busy Autumn months.

3. Team-building - The summer months can be tough for those who aren’t able to take annual leave. Make sure your staff are happy - spend time together outside of the workplace while you can, whether it be paintballing or at the pub - team-building is never a bad idea.

4. Keep spirits high - A half-empty office isn’t always the most pleasant way to spend 40 hours a week, especially while you’re taunted by photos on Facebook of your colleagues sunning it up in the Costa del Sol. Keep those left behind happy - organise fun target-drive games with prizes and forfeits, or bring in some tasty snacks to reward the worker bees (we have our own resident feeder who regularly fattens us up on a Friday afternoon!).

5. Don’t panic! - The summer months are always quiet in the world of business, but it will soon pick up again and before you know it, it’ll be rainy September and you’ll be reminiscing about the lunch breaks spent in the sun on the courtyard.