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Top 10 PR tips: How to get your client in the press

by Ellen Forster

Bdaily works with PR agencies across the country to source and promote regional SME business news. We’ve compiled some handy tips for agencies looking to build brand awareness for their clients and gain coverage in the media:

1. Research potential publishers

Be sure to research any publishers you are contacting with press content before getting in touch; a targeted approach is proven to be more effective when reaching journalists. If your piece has a strong technology angle, trying thinking outside of the box and contacting some sector-specific publishers as well as the local press.

Here at Bdaily we cover regional business news in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and the South East and are happy to accept press releases from these areas. However, we don’t cover national or international content on any large scale. For this kind of content, we have a self-publishing platform where you can upload content directly to the site and it will appear in the members news section.

2. Target your press releases

There’s no harm is tailoring your press release, or even writing several releases to adapt to difference audiences. If you are sending it to a specialist publisher, then feel free to use technical vocabulary. However if you are sending the content to local press, use clear, concise vocabulary and avoid anything too complicated.

3. Use a universal format

Always send press releases in an easy-to-use, universal format. Doc format (Microsoft Word) is fine, but PDF (Adobe) can be tricky to copy and paste from. In addition, ensure all images are in .jpeg or .gif and don’t have any watermarks.

4. Be patient

Sometimes it will take a while for journalists to get back to you, often we prioritise content throughout the day and if something is of interest to us, we will get back to you. Don’t follow-up a release with a phone call half an hour later, the chances are the journalist hasn’t even seen your release yet. A courtesy call at the end of the day or the start of the next is perfectly acceptable.

5. Attach several, high quality images

Images are paramount when it comes to publishing a high quality piece. If you have several images, please attach them all - we often include more than one in an article at any one time, and some websites have strict size regulations so high quality, croppable images are always advisable.

6. Keep your pitch short and sweet

When pitching a story, keep it short and concise; a journalist will know whether a story is relevant to their publication within just a few short sentences. Simply mention key words such as location, sector along with a brief outline of what’s going on and we’ll be able to help you find the best fit for your story.

7. Build relationships with journalists

As you deal with journalists on a daily basis, why not build relationships with them? We’re much more likely to prioritise your content if we know more about your agency and the businesses it works with. Organise to meet up with journalists from your area so they can put a face to the name.

8. Don’t miss out important information

We often receive press releases which neglect to mention a company’s sector or even the region in which they are based. Missing out important information is a common error for PR agencies and it can often be the difference between whether a story is covered or not.

9. Don’t take it personally if a story isn’t a right fit

Journalists receive hundreds, if not thousands, or press releases a week and it would be impossible to cover everything. Some publishers have strict guidelines as to what they will and won’t cover, other work on a case by case basis. If your story isn’t quite a right fit for one publisher, don’t be frustrated - reassess the angle you’re taking with the story and try some other outlets within the region or sector.

10. Share the story

Don’t pass the buck - just because your story has been picked up by a publisher, don’t leave it with them to push. Keep an eye on it and share it on your Twitter feed and Linkedin, this will show your clients that you are dedicated to promoting their content.

Bdaily is fully committed to bringing you the most up-to-date, relevant business news across the North East, North West, Yorkshire and South East. Our team of highly-skilled and knowledgeable journalists are happy to accept press releases across the board, providing they are business-relevant. You can get in touch at or call the news desk on 0845 388 2022.