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Bdaily's in-house designer discusses the rebrand

A New Era: The creative behind the rebrand

by David Haigh

Some of you may know Bdaily, some of you may not but here’s my latest branding project at Ground Six for the nationwide business news platform.

Bdaily is a fast-growing, innovative online publisher of regional business news - we cover breaking news across nine sectors in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and South East.

We are experts in communication, on several levels - from a digital news service, to an online marketing portal connecting businesses all over the world. Bdaily is continuing to prove it is on the edge of innovation in every respect and the new design reinforces that.

The New Logo

Bdaily’s new logo is fresh, clean and youthful.


Whilst combining the ‘b’ and an editorial element in the iconography, the hexagon traditionally represents communication, balance and union.


Here are photographic masks as to be used as idents for topical, regional or seasonal content where appropriate.

Usage in Navigation

Here you can see the logo in the sticky navigation bar. The goal of the sticky bar is to aid users navigate elsewhere on the site. Typically the users window/scroll depth after reading an article no longer shows the primary navigation on content heavy websites.