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My ambitious vision as Bdaily’s Yorkshire editor

by Nick Hill

It has now been four months since I took on the role of Yorkshire editor for Bdaily, and during this time I have carefully examined what the region’s business readers are expecting of me, but more importantly, asked myself what can I offer them?

The presence of Bdaily in the region, as well as around the country, is definitely increasing, and we have now established ourselves as a regional business news publisher that is spearheaded by a digitally innovative approach, which allows us to provide versatile and intriguing news in a very untraditional way.

Therefore, it is my vision as the Yorkshire editor to make an assertive effort to discover and showcase the region’s most unique, creative and successful SMEs, which are constantly pushing the boundaries, as well as the talented individuals behind them.

As I am now firmly established in this role, I would like to make conscious effort to give startup, creative companies the platform to display their products/services and show why Yorkshire is quickly becoming a hub for businesses of all kinds.

But at the same time, continue to report and cover the major corporations that have made Yorkshire one of the most economically diverse markets in the country.

My ultimate goal would be to create solid and long-lasting relationships with Yorkshire businesses, who can put their trust in me as Bdaily is emerging as one of the most-sought after digital news platforms.

I can be contacted via email at, or on my mobile at 07850630791. I can be found tweeting @nickhillbdaily and @BdailyYorkshire.