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Jamie on the blog: Catching up with our North East readers

by Jamie Hardesty

Well hello! As many of you know, I’ve been in Bdaily’s North East hotseat for over a year now (How times flies, ey?). Or for those of you who don’t know me, I’m the guy with the cheery little face you’ve probably seen all over social media (see left)!

Again, a lot of you reading this will be familiar with Bdaily. However, whether you’re a regular reader or an every once in a while skimmer, this blog is an opportunity to touch base with you and give you an insight into how things are seen from behind the scenes!

So what exactly does Bdaily mean to me?

Much like myself, Bdaily isn’t a traditional news publisher. I mean, I guess that’s obvious in the setup of the site. We have our breaking news section, we have a whole host of opinion and advice content and of course, we have our self publishing platform.

However, what I’m most proud of, is the ethos and value we’re striving to bring to our readership. Now don’t worry, this isn’t the time for me to bore you with facts and figures or preach promises of ever-expanding readership, rather this is simply my opportunity to tell you a bit more about us and just what the paradigm of our writer/reader relationship means to me.

I think a big part of our unique selling proposition, or perhaps the reason you’d choose to read our stories and click through our bulletins (Especially the North East, that’s the best one…), is the value we place on personability and collaboration.

In its simplest, I believe that Bdaily acts as a platform which provides value for regional businesses. Of course, I’m always looking to keep readers informed of the biggest deals affecting the region but I dedicate a lot of time to the North East’s SME marketplace, its entrepreneurs and essentially, its determined folk starting up and making something for themselves. It’s honestly an absolute privilege to be able to tell those stories.

Readers and users are more empowered than they’ve ever been before, we only have to look to the monumental rise in blogging to prove that anyone can be an author. Therefore, in such a digitally potent environment, a writer’s audience must be respected and considered, arguably more so than ever before.

How can I provide value? How can I ensure that what you’re seeing on the North East bulletin is useful? How can I give you something different? These are the types of questions I ask myself every day. I really don’t want to come across cliched here, in fact I speak to you with real earnest when I say this - I want Bdaily to be that place where we facilitate a journey that’s beneficial to the region, its businesses and its people.

Simply put, you come to the site, you read the bulletin and you are exposed to what businesses are doing. From there, you have the chance to connect with likeminded companies where you can develop mutually beneficial relationships and ultimately, you’ve taken something valuable away from an experience that matters.

Perhaps the maxim you can take away from that, or certainly the way I like to summarise our user-experience, is that with Bdaily you can Bseen, Bconnected and Bremembered.

The North East

I firmly believe that the North East is unique in the sense that the region’s people are truly its greatest strengths. Due to a great number of reasons we’re all too familiar with, the region really has to fight achieve its successes. Let’s be honest, we operate in an environment that’s a lot more restrictive than the Big City but certainly from what I’ve witnessed, across a multitude of industries, is a true passion and burning desire to succeed.

Working in the digital realm, we operate under a culture of wanting everything on demand (Don’t worry Twitter, you know I love you) and quite often, the fast-paced nature of the day to day spoils can get the better of us. However, we’re lucky in this region in the sense that we appreciate the importance relationships play.

From my experience, those who understand the North East’s distinct identity and ethos are the people who enjoy the most success. Therefore, I firmly believe that forging and maintaining personal relationships really is the key to unlocking the region’s potential. Collaboration is key.

Final thoughts

As I alluded to at the opening of this, admittedly longer than first planned(!), blogpost - I really don’t view Bdaily as a traditional publisher. The value we place on our readership and the personal tone I strive to cultivate with you, the reader, is what I hope is quintessential when you think of us. Media consumption has changed so, so much of late, we move forward by working together.

So with that in mind, I really do feel it’s important to take moments like this and provide you with an insight into how things are developing, as well as taking the opportunity to thank you for the continued role you play.

When analysing our latest monthly figures, I was actually overwhelmed with the increase in readers coming to multiple North East articles from within the region. Certainly I feel the rapport we share is growing and my understanding of how I can refer value back to you, in terms of the type of stories you want to see, is ever-improving.

Here’s to more of the same!

As always feel free to drop me a line. Email: I Speak to me directly: 01912236791 I Tweet me: @JamieBdaily