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Me as the Blue Bandit in an event for start-ups

Why we superheroes need a good marketing strategy

by Colin Garcia

We are all superheroes, therefore we all need our own marketing strategies.

The word “Superhero” is defined in Cambridge Dictionaries as someone who “has special strength and uses it to do good things and help other people“. In addition to that, we know that he/she has the abilities and the passion to fight villains and solve problems.

While there aren’t any freakish villains and evil robots around (hopefully there never will), people do have an array of everyday problems not only in their personal lives but in their professional lives as well, and they are in constant search of ways to solve them. Most of the time, they look for others to help us in this. They hire a new employee, or find a business consultant, or start advertising.

They are in constant search of superheroes - people who are experts in what they do and who they can trust. Well, I believe that we are all great at something, therefore we are all superheroes..

..but, the problem is, unlike in movies where there is only one Superman, in the real world there are thousands of business experts and great products, so it’s hard for people to realise that we are the right ones for them.

Great product comes with great promotion

So, you have spent countless years studying and researching. You have full confidence that you are the perfect person in your respective field. You’ve gone to networking events to give out your business cards, you’ve asked your friends to give you a shiny recommendation on LinkedIn, and so on, but still very few, or even no one, thinks you’re the superhero they need. Well, instead of feeling down and dejected, you should reconsider your strategy in getting found. I mean, I know for sure that you’re smart and you know your thing, that’s why you’re even reading this, but sometimes the way you promote what you offer is ineffective.

Great products come with great promotion. Iconic products and brands such as Apple, The Avengers movie series, or even Aunt Jemima pancakes, have all benefited from the right formula of production. Now I’m not suggesting that you pay George Lois millions of dollars to run your marketing for you the way he made MTV and Tommy Hilfiger famous, but there are better ways for you to reach your future clients and customers. While networking and LinkedIn are essential to your success, the problem is that everyone does it that way, meaning you don’t stand out.

In my previous article, I talked about how I got numerous job offers and local and international media buzz by my unique strategy to promoting myself. If you haven’t read it, well my strategy included Video CVs, going to networking events as a graduate (which is a big deal to us young people believe it or not), and walking across the streets of London and Manchester with a signboard on my back telling people to watch my Video CV. While I am not saying that you follow this blueprint, I want you to learn the idea behind it - that we will benefit from doing something “unique“. And that’s what I’m asking you to do.

I am no expert, and I won’t pretend to be one, but here are two things you can start doing that could help people know that you are #Super_____ (insert your name):

1.) Write and speak to show your expertise, and do them in the right places

Business experts like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet are known to be the best after all these years because they write books and articles that provide great insights, and they speak in conferences, appear in videos, and so on. There are many ways for you to share your knowledge and expertise.

Within your region, you have us at Bdaily, where you can publish Featured Advice articles. Make the most out of our reach, that’s why we’re here in the first place! We are here to tell great business stories and insights about the regions we cover, and these could be the ones you have in your mind right now.

Also, you have events around you where you can actively take part. Don’t be just another person who’s there in every event, that person we see all the time, but don’t care much about. I go to a lot of business events, and I see so many people who are there, but aren’t memorable enough. Are you becoming that person? Well, it’s time for you to change your approach.

2.) Use the power of digital - CORRECTLY!

I put the word “correctly” in all caps because while I don’t know anyone in the business community who does not have either a website and/or a Social Media account and/or advertises somewhere, I know a lot of people who don’t use these platforms effectively.

We now live in a digital world and there are various ways for us to connect to many people locally and internationally. Don’t stick to what everyone else does. For example, this automatic Direct Messages on LinkedIn and Twitter: it was effective before, but when everyone else did it, it has instead become annoying and something worth ignoring.

Use other platforms, like YouTube videos or audio podcasts. Be more interactive by taking part in online discussions. Read the news and share your comments and insights, and so on. You can think of better ways I know, just remember not to merely follow what others do, and try mixing up your online strategy.

So those are two things I can share with you on how you can unleash your inner Superhero. Apply the marketing strategies you preach to your own strategy, and in no time, you’ll witness a drastic improvement on how you work and on how your future clients see you.

One Final Note: We are all Superheroes, but we need to do the right things so that people will know that we are.

That’s all I have to say. Now sit down, rethink your strategy, and be a better superhero.