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Bdaily editorial update: our team, outlook and plans

by Jamie Hardesty

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older but time seems to be flying by at the moment. With two months of the year almost over already, it seems befitting to update you all on current Bdaily editorial goings on.

Our Team

Fellow Geordie and lover of content Mr Billy Wood joined the editorial team last month. Billy is managing our self publishing and members area as well as pushing on with projects in London. Billy has hit the ground running, bringing new energy to our national bulletin too, which we’re very excited by. Just make sure you say hello to him, he’s still trying to make friends (bless him). Reach him @ .

Our editors in Yorkshire and the North West are absolutely flying at the moment too. Nick Hill and Richard Bell are both driving up traffic in their respective regions and, as always, can be reached via email - Nick @ and Rich @

I should probably explain the header image for this post too before we delve into the serious stuff. Whilst we’re each working away like Bdaily beavers in our regions, we constantly bounce ideas off oneanother on a livechat system. Occasionally, this can deviate from business news, believe it or not. Ever since Nick posed the existential conundrum: Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would you be?, this has become a bit of a running joke! Maybe these blog posts are becoming too revealing?

Our Outlook

At the end of last year (and still, in fact) I was asked for our 2016 Forward Features List. Simply put - we don’t have one. And no, it’s not because we can’t be bothered (honestly!), rather we endorse an approach of flexible collaboration.

Wow wow wow… that sounds incredibly pretentious Jamie, what does that mean exactly?

Bdaily really is something of a rarity when it comes to publishing. At our core we are a digital business and quite simply, we know that the nature of news consumption is changing. We believe that to get the best out of digital content you must be both collaborative and flexible.

We don’t have a Forward Features List because we simply don’t need to. We have a flexible platform, where we allow people to self upload and share their content - anytime they want to. If you’ve got a view about emerging Tech trends in Yorkshire, you don’t have to wait until April 24th to tell us! Views on education and business links in the North East? Tell us about them today! I’ll not tell you to come back in September when school starts again!

Bdaily is a vehicle for regional collaboration and we’re actually very proud of that. We moderate our Members’ area and in terms of value, the returns and growth we see speaks for itself. On average, between twenty six and thirty three percent of our monthly traffic comes from this area of the site. We love that and we urge you to get involved. You’re only ever one story away from going viral, why can’t that story be yours?

Our Plans

So what have we got coming up editorially to get your juices flowing?

With the Chancellor set to announce the latest Budget next month, we’ll be bringing you the predictions and aspirations from businesses in all of the regions we cover. Drop your regional editor an email should you wish to get involved with this and make a submission.

We’re also launching a new Northern Powerhouse series across the board. In less than three months it’ll have been two years since George Osborne first uttered the now famous ‘Northern Powerhouse’ phrase.

Whilst we may all be increasingly aware of the government’s drive to realise such a concept, I’d argue that there is still a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to this, even from an engaged business audience.

We’re currently speaking to businesspeople from a number of backgrounds, sectors and industries to survey how our communities are feeling in relation to all things NP. This is a project close to the heart of our editorial team, as we genuinely believe that more can and should be done to understand just what it is that’s going on and what regional businesses think about that.

We’re open to submissions for who you want to be a part of this series, so feel free to get in touch and drop one of our editorial team an email.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above, as always, feel free to drop me a line. Email me @

Find us on Twitter too: @jamiebdaily / @billybdaily / @nickhillbdaily / @bdailynorthwest

Disclaimer: That’s not actually us in the turtle suits. Or is it?