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Five digital display advertising tips

Five digital display advertising tips

by Gary Cochrane

Digital Advertising is one of those things you’ve either heard great things about or bad.

One thing is for sure: when digital display advertising is done well and it’s on the right platform for your prospective customers to see, it can lead to a successful online campaign that gets results.

Everyone has their own ideas of how to do this, their own preferred way and how to apply it. Even those involved with digital advertising always have ideas on how to implement that “perfect online advert” that is constantly changing and evolving.

The following is merely a small list of tips on how best to approach advertising your business to an online audience for the first time. Hopefully they’ll be of help.

1. Choose a great media platform to advertise on

If digital advertising is a route you’ve chosen to reach a new audience, then your choice of which website to actually advertise on is of paramount importance. There’s no point in picking a website that your prospective customers do not view on a regular basis, or indeed, one that does not have sufficient audience numbers. If your customers are other businesses, why not advertise on a business-related media website that attracts your target sector?

2. Branding

If you’ve spent a lot of money building your brand over the last few years, it’s always best to continue that through into your display advertising. Your logo, colour scheme and even your strapline, could instantly strike a chord with the audience and, in turn, encourage them to click on your ad before others. If you’re a startup, then talking to a graphic designer in the first instant would be of benefit. Continuity is everything in brand advertising….unless you come up with something special!

3.Have a professional-looking creative

Nothing looks worse than a display ad that looks like it’s been put together by Mrs Jones’s 6yr old nephew during a rushed school break, although if they have the creative flair, it just may be possible to have a brilliant advert. If you know a graphic designer, excellent, if not, have a word with those who own the website you wish to advertise on. They will have their own. Oh, and don’t forget, make sure it’s mobile-friendly!

4.Think of a clear message

Content is King they say, but trying to squeeze too much on an advert will ultimately turn off the viewer or at the very least give them eye-strain. A static advert gives you very limited space in which to get that special offer or announcement over the the reader. Why not do that over 2-3 slides? It will help get your message across and the movement could get the attention above other advertising postions nearby.

5. Click-through to a relevant website page

You may have the most noticeable display ad on the most popular website, but if someone clicks on your pride and joy only to be directed towards a badly designed website or a page that has nothing to do with your message, then you could be in trouble. Make sure that the click-through goes to pages with the relevant information a prospective client wants to read.