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evergreens on wheeler's peak, new mexico
Image Source: greg westfall.

Useful tips for creating evergreen content

by Samantha Sadler

If you’re involved in marketing, SEO or if you’ve set yourself up as a regular blogger, you will have heard of the term of evergreen content. Possibly one of the, if not the most, essential piece of content to include on your site to ensure that you’re getting an ongoing, regular stream of traffic that keeps those visitor stats looking pretty.

Essentially, evergreen content continues to stay relevant long after it’s published, making it the perfect addition to any publication. Evergreen content focuses on advice, opinion or ‘top tip’ pieces, with more emphasis on personal opinion than statistics and figures that lose their relevance after a short period of time.

Since I began writing, I was always more interested in writing evergreen content rather than news pieces. With a passion for music journalism, I focus more on advising how to survive at a festival, rather than news pieces. The longevity of the content was always a priority and so was the subject matter, to maximize impact on social sharing.

So how can you implement evergreen content into your publication, business or your personal blog?

The best examples that I’ve seen of evergreen content are:

  • Advisory or opinion pieces
  • Reviews
  • Top tips
  • ‘How to’ guides
  • Videos

Personally, I love reading reviews. If I’m about to buy a product, I’ll happily stand in an aisle for a good ten minutes with little to no internet coverage just to read what people thought of said product. And don’t even get me started with Trip Advisor- if it’s less than three stars then I won’t even entertain visiting! When I was a bar manager I was acutely aware of more people ranting than raving, so it’s useful to bear this in mind when making informed decisions. The beauty of a review is that its shelf life is considerably longer than a news piece, thus staying relevant as long as the product/place exists.

Another great piece of evergreen content is ‘Top Tips’ articles, something which we include on our Bdaily blog posts. Short pieces that advise on specific tips for a specific subject, rarely become irrelevant, making them a perfect addition to your site. Want an example? You can view our digital display advertising tips here. So alongside your news pieces, start sprinkling evergreen content over your site to keep it fresh and keep traffic coming. Or why not let us be your platform? Our option to post featured articles on your behalf is a great way to gain an initial audience and drive interest to your business topics.

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