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Top ten tips for creating a quality Members’ News article on Bdaily

by Samantha Sadler

Did you know thousands of people are now taking advantage of Bdaily’s Members’ News Section- a professional platform for you to post your business-related content?

Whether you have a bank of content ready to publish or you have that one great business piece that you just need to share with the world, read our top ten tips on how to fine tune your publishing.

1. Headline Your headline should be concise, eye-catching and interesting enough to make someone want to read on. Remember that this is the first thing to be seen on a homepage, search engine and any social sharing.

Hailed as “The Father of Advertising”, advertising executive David Ogilvy knew how to capture an audience’s attention throughout his iconic marketing campaigns. “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy” - a crucial statistic to remember when creating that all important headline.

2. Image On many platforms, your image will go hand-in-hand with your headline as the first thing to be seen, so it has to demand attention. Make sure it is relevant to the article- if using a stock image make sure it is interesting and goes alongside the point you are getting across in the headline.

3. Style / Length Article style & length are important to consider throughout the writing process so ensure your grammar is on top form and the piece is in clear paragraphs for easy reading. Don’t go over the top with your word count and ensure you aren’t continuously repeating yourself. Bullet points are great for condensing down masses of information that would otherwise take a few paragraphs. Too much wording, means extra scrolling and the reader losing interest.

4. Audience Make sure you have considered the audience you are writing for. Bdaily, for example, is read by people interested in regional business news. Write what’s relevant to a site’s readership.

5. Tone Make sure you keep the tone consistent throughout. If it’s a news piece, make sure it’s informative and reliable. Advice and Opinion pieces work well with a personal touch.

With so much information now easily accessible to readers, it’s crucial that you communicate your ideas the right way. Do this and they’ll come back to you.

6. Context Before writing about a topic, research it. The best articles consider context and are written with the greatest understanding of a subject.

7. Quality A good quality article will continue to rake in the hits so ask yourself, have I written something which is valuable to the reader? Stand out and make it original, nobody wants to read the same thing over and over again.

8. Proof Make sure you check your work! Spelling errors and bad grammar doesn’t look good, no matter how great the subject of the article is. Make sure you have avoided generic words and phrasing and double-check that both the quality and tone are consistent throughout.

9. SEO Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky business. When it comes to digital writing, a basic understanding of SEO is a must these days. Ensure you’ve included keywords relevant to the subject you’re writing about to improve your article’s search visibility.

10. Sharing You’re all done and that article is submitted to Bdaily’s Members News section- so that’s it right? Wrong!! Get sharing on all of your social media accounts and post the link on any relevant forums you can find. If you’ve followed all these tips and you’ve got that perfect article, you’re going to want people to read it.

Ready to go? Head to our publishing platform now and get sharing your work with our engaged business audience.