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Ants - the greatest tag-team champions ever

Smarketing - The Sales And Marketing Tag Team Champions

by Bdaily Digital Marketing Team

Sales and marketing teams are key cogs in your business and without them you’d struggle to both make money and make potential clients aware of the great work you are doing.

However, in many organisations there can be a cavernous gap between these two crucial teams with both operating independently of each other despite them being two sides of the same coin.

Notoriously both teams have competed with each other. But this is 2016, a time to forget about all of that, partner up and become tag team champions.

It sounds obvious doesn’t it? Having all departments working together like a well-oiled machine - but the truth is, not enough businesses are doing it, and it can make a real difference.

The sales team have invaluable information that can help the marketing team, and the marketing team have key information that that would help the sales team.

This is where Smarketing comes in.

What is Smarketing?

Smarketing is a process where the sales and marketing departments work together to achieve the common goals of the business, most commonly revenue.

There are two other terms describing this practise - sales alignment and sales enablement. One thing’s for sure, if you’re not putting this strategy into practise you’re missing a trick.

Share information

Smarketing creates new opportunities.

The marketing team taps into consumer’s minds, increasing interaction and creating warmer leads for the sales team to capitalize on.

On the other hand the sales team are on the frontline – they talk to clients every single day. They listen first handedly to the problems, questions, needs and wants of potential buyers all the time.

Combine this information and you can effectively shorten the sales cycles, resulting in increased revenue and an aligned business - happy days.

But to become smarketing champions, communication is vital. Whether you work in a large business or a small business, without good communication the idea will fall apart.

Arrange regular meetings

Holding weekly Smarketing meetings is a good place to start. Get both departments in one room and discuss product developments, wins, losses - everything that could be useful and worth saying.

The marketers should provide the sales team with information on campaigns, recent blogs and offers that they’ll be doing. Asking for advice is also critical - what do the sales team think the marketers should be doing? Fresh ideas are always welcome and improve productivity.

New campaigns could be explained to the sales team, with key figures, facts and case studies being given to them in bullet point format for ease. This will be great for them when talking to new leads.

At Bdaily we always tell our sales team when we have a record breaking number of bulletin subscribers, or super high levels of pageviews. This provides our sales team with quick and easy data ammunition that will increase the likeliness of a sale.

Create an online place for Smarketing content

Having weekly meetings is a good place to start sales and marketing alignment, but you’ll also benefit from having a place online where everyone can share information at any time.

Google Drive is a fantastic platform to share case studies, presentations and documents and allows easy access for both teams.

And it’s not just the sharing of information that smarketing promotes, interconnecting job roles is also encouraged.

Multi-functional job roles

If you’re in sales, don’t simply concentrate on sales - use marketing techniques like social media and blog writing to engage your audience. This will showcase credibility amongst leads and prove you’re an expert in your field.

Likewise, as a marketer it’s your job to try and push sales in a subtle way - offering little jabs and a few right hooks (not literally). This pushes the consumer down the sales funnel, ready for the sales team to take the reins and finish the conversion.

Team-building and tag-teaming

Smarketing isn’t just a smart strategy in terms of generating revenue, it will work wonders on team morale and team building. A happy workplace increases productivity, creativity and generally provides a greater service, what is there not to love?

So forget about the petty competitiveness that is often associated with the sales and marketing departments. Instead, work together, hit your targets and become smarketing tag team champions - it would be foolish not to.

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