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Video is taking over the world!

6 Reasons Video Is Taking Over The World

by Bdaily Digital Marketing Team

At the end of each year, marketing experts will predict what marketing techniques, strategies and platforms are going to take off in the new year.

One very predictable marketing device that has exploded in 2016 (well, it exploded years ago but is continuing to do so) is the use of video and multimedia.

Stats show that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. There’s no wonder social giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all focusing their efforts on video.

Let’s take a look at Instagram. Since the start of 2016, Instagram now allow users to post 60 seconds worth of video as opposed to 15, and have just recently introduced Instagram stories - a Snapchat-esque style of video that appeals to users wanting to showcase more casual, everyday images and videos.

The reason they’re focusing their brand around video is because it is completely dominating the online world right now, and will probably continue to for the next few years.

With that in mind, here’s 6 reasons why your brand should be following suit and going multimedia mad:

1. Better customer conversions

This is the big one. This is what every marketer wants to see more of: conversions. In fact, homepage videos have been proven to increase conversions by 20% or more. Even videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80% or more.

The stats say it all, if you’re looking for ways to increase conversions - look no further than a good video strategy.

2. Quick to absorb information

In a world where consumers’ attention spans are shorter than that of a goldfish (seriously, consumer = 8 seconds, goldfish = 9 seconds), videos can make the difference between someone consuming your information, or not.

Ask yourself a question. When you’re scrolling down Facebook, do you read the text-based posts, or the video posts? I bet it’s the latter. As a business who’s worked hard to produce the information, the last thing you want is for people to be uninterested because they didn’t have the time or attention span necessary to read your content.

By switching things up and producing a vibrant video you’ll find more and more consumers having an interest in what you have to say. After all, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

3. Showing off your brand’s personality

Consumers will pick brands that they resonate with.

While the internet is saturated with content, it lacks businesses and brands showing their true personality, and it can make a real difference.

Someone’s videos I love to watch are Rand Fishkins, the creator - nay - wizard of Moz. His charismatic and informative videos are great to watch if you’re a digital marketing buff and they show off his fantastic personality. Under the videos he posts on Moz, he includes the transcript.

Do I read the transcript? No, it misses the energy that I like to feel whilst watching him talk.

So make sure to show off your brand’s personality, because it can be what separates you from other mundane brands out there.

4. Video editors are as accessible as ever

Creating videos five years ago was a much more complex task than it is today. Nowadays, video editing software is cheaper and much easier to navigate. Plus, if you don’t want to do it in-house, there are plenty of easy, accessible ways to source video creators either locally or online.

5. Videos have a greater chance of going viral

92% of online video watchers will share it with others. 92%! If your video is good enough it could be one of your videos going viral.

Spend time curating your video content. Make sure it’s creative and relevant to your audience.

Remember, your video won’t go viral if it’s filled with corporate tongue. It needs to be entertaining enough for people to engage with it and share it.

6. Great in emails

With the rise in video consumption, more and more brands have started utilising it in their email marketing campaigns, and to great avail. Recipients are finding them much more engaging than plain text email, and email tools such as MailChimp make it easy to embed a video.

Marketers using video in their email marketing have seen over 50% click-through rates, a 44% increase in the amount of time spent on an email and a 41% increase in the sharing or forwarding of the email. (Source: eMarketer)

With video continuing to take over the online world, now is the time - if you haven’t already - to get that creative cap on and start directing your very own blockbuster video.

Take a look at this video we made explaining our commercial values