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Branding really does boost your marketing bravado

How Branding Buffs Up Your Marketing Bravado

by Bdaily Digital Marketing Team

With more and more businesses competing for online traffic, custom and engagement, the influence and importance of branding has become crystal clear to market leaders across the globe.

Simply posting content for content’s sake isn’t enough, to stand a chance of rising above the noise your brand has to be unique, bold and more importantly it has to resonate with your target market.

But a brand does more than simply increase your earning potential. A good brand creates a community of people who all share your values and beliefs. It takes the business/consumer relationship to an emotional and psychological level, where each interaction strengthens the relationship.

The effects of a strong brand are remarkable in every single aspect of your business and contribute to your marketing success in a number of ways.


Building a strong brand opens more doors for traffic to enter and catalyses the speed at which sales are made.

As we all know, increasing conversions is the goal of every single marketer in the land. Increased conversions leads to increased sales, which can be the difference between a very successful company and a ‘nearly’ company.

The biggest companies are investing heavily in the creation of a strong brand identity because it is imperative to them in achieving overarching successes in the long term.

Improved SEO

Branding can positively affect google rankings and SEO for a number of reasons.

  1. Branding preference will see the stronger brand get a click on Google ahead of another resulting in an increased click-through rate.
  2. Because of this, over the long run Google will therefore rank that result higher, being more visible to a greater number of people.
  3. Improved brand identity will result in repeat clicks too, which in turn also increases the ranking preference.

The SEO benefits of being a strong brand loop in circles, constantly giving you the extra traffic you need to grow bigger.

Word of mouth

Brand creation starts with your ideas, then it grows into a collective effort. It’s a collective effort between anyone and everyone who’s ever interacted with your company - customers, workers, followers, ambassadors and owners.

This is why brands have to make every interaction they have with consumers count. Because small interactions create the larger experience for the consumer, and every interaction can either build or destroy trust.

Once you develop a happy community your brand will flourish, and word of mouth advertising will grow. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

It’s not enough to simply build a customer base and a following, the best brands connect with their customers and honestly communicate with them. It’s simple, effective and it’s what consumers want.

Social media

Social Media represents an excellent opportunity for your brand to deliver your message across in meaningful and entertaining ways.

When brands get it right, social media is a goldmine.

But it takes hard work to become recognisable. Every post you write, every piece of content you share must be interesting and relevant to your target audience.

Brands like British Airways, HSBC and Walkers all generate a cultural buzz regarding their social media posts, and that’s because they post quality, brand aligned content that people love to share.

Internal strength

If your employees believe in your brand, they are going to work hard as nails to make sure they’re hitting their targets. Selling your brand internally begins the growth, remember - it’s a collective effort and it starts with the employees.

If they believe in the brand, there’s a good chance the consumers will.

As Walt Disney’s Michael Eisner said “A brand is a living entity - and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures”.

Work towards building a brand that not only interacts honestly with it’s customers, but produces quality content aimed at the right people, because even small gestures can cause the knock on effect of long term success.