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The multi-channel experience is essential for UX

5 quick ways to improve user experience

by Bdaily Digital Marketing Team

User experience (UX) is one of the most important aspects of any business that has an online presence. Defined as the overall experience of a person using a website, UX’s core principle is how easy or pleasing the website is to use.

In essence, as a business looking to build its brand image, everything you post and everything you implement should focus on creating the best and most complete user experience. Creating value for the user will give them a reason to come back - and that is essential.

1. Navigation

First and foremost, your website has to serve its primary function; give the visitor access to what you offer easily and quickly. If the visitor cannot find what they’re looking for, they aren’t going to hang around searching the site to find it, they’re going to look elsewhere. A study found that 61% of users move to another site if they aren’t able to find what they’re looking for right away.

Create an optimal solution that provides clear and concise navigation, giving the visitor no excuse not to find what they’re looking for.

As many of our Bdaily readers are interested in regional and sector news, our simple navigation (highlighted in the red box) allows them to visit exactly what they want to see almost instantly. Likewise, our navigation bars are split into commercial and editorial sections to provide clarity for both audiences.

2. Strong brand alignment

With the amount of competition online in every industry, creating a unique and brand aligned website can sometimes be the only thing differentiating you from your competitors. You want your users to think you’re credible and unique whilst establishing a connection with them on every visit. If they buy into your brand idea, the likelihood is that they will come back, and even better, tell their friends about you. So identify your brand, and spread its uniqueness across your website.

3. The multi-platform experience

Simply put, your UX has to be optimised across all platforms, including desktop, mobile and tablets. With mobile and tablet searches almost accruing the same amount as desktop searches, if you’re mobile experience isn’t pleasant you could be losing almost half your custom. In our case, Bdaily’s mobile readership increased from 14% to 40% in the last 4 years, so we’ve had to evolve and create a great mobile user experience to match the rise in demand.

Creating a consistent multi-platform experience benefits you in a number of ways:

  • Efficiency increases because customers are familiar with the cross-channel experience
  • Users become confident in your brand and have no problem using your website
  • Brand strength increases and users will attribute it to positive experiences.

4. Deliver on your promises

Every customer interaction with your brand either builds or loses trust. This is especially important when your business offers downloadable content. Call To Action’s and their partnered content should always be exactly what they say they are. In a study conducted by Sweezey, a staggering 71% of consumers have been disappointed with the content they downloaded from a business and of those, 25% would never read content from the business again due to their disappointment.

5. Use multimedia

As discussed in this blog, the use of video is incredibly effective. But it’s not just video, high-quality images are key in seducing your audience. People often say ‘a picture tells a thousand stories’ and although it’s clichéd, it’s true. With our attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, multimedia is a great way of getting your point across quickly, efficiently and will hopefully leave a great lasting impression on your brand.

2020: the year UX is crowned the king

Implementing a UX strategy will become a necessity for many businesses in the near future, because by 2020, user experience is going to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

For this reason, and for many more, user experience shouldn’t be underestimated when considering ways to create fantastic customer experiences.

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