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How webinars can help you raise the profile of your business and engage with a global audience

by Samantha Sadler

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we’re constantly inundated with new ways to communicate with our audience. Social platforms that we’d associate as being predominantly used for business to consumer (B2C) advertising and leisurely browsing (Snapchat, Instagram.etc) are now becoming a useful tool in a business to business (B2B) context.

The rise of the ‘micro-influencer’ and celebrity endorsements are exposing audiences to advertising on a much more personal level. It’s becoming increasingly easier to communicate to a mass audience, which in turn is resulting in a rise in popularity for formats such as video content and social engagement. With this taken into account, it’s no surprise that webinars are becoming an effective way to host a seminar event digitally, to a global audience. They’re easy to set up, as they’re to deliver via digital platforms, and can be a really effective way to communicate content that would usually be delivered in a room or in person without the constraints of setting up a physical event.

At Bdaily we began our webinar series last year, offering an alternative platform to bring together thought-leaders to discuss the scaleup debate. With a successful starting point, we are now branching out and exploring other topics that are affecting the world of business.

But what are the advantages of webinars and why are they such an effective communication and marketing tool, aside from becoming a more practical way to host an event?

Reach and engage with a target audience

The digital world makes it so much easier to reach a specific target audience, however niche it may be, on a global scale. With the correct marketing and SEO, webinars are available to everyone across all digital platforms. Eventbrite is a useful organisational tool for all events, even digital, providing a place to track attendees and their contact information.

Eventbrite offers a direct ‘call to action’ for any sign-ups which is useful for immediate responses, especially when teamed with a campaign of display & content advertising, email marketing and social sharing.

Webinars can also provide the best platform for interaction with chat features and open Q&A sessions engaging the audience and offering a much more in depth conversation. Feedback is one of the most important aspects of market research for any company and engaging with an audience on a personal level provides benefits for business growth and potential future content.

Costing & Timescale

Webinars are making it easier for the smallest of businesses and entrepreneurs to hold an ‘event’ without the cost and technicalities of organising a physical event. There’s no need for venues and travel expenses, which is beneficial to both the business and it’s audience. Webinars also eliminate any time constraints, providing the audience with the possibility of watching at any point during or after the initial streaming.

Involving multiple thought-leaders in one place

Webinars eliminate geographical issues, providing the opportunity to gather thought-leaders in one place. When covering a specific topic, the advantage to include key industry influencers not only builds brand equity, it strengthens the content produced.

Celebrity endorsement has become a marketing communication strategy used to build a congruence between brand image and consumers, particularly in fashion, yet the same model can be applied in a business context. An audience that is interested in a particular subject will respond positively to a familiar face relevant to that subject.

SEO benefits

It’s often stressed that SEO is THE MOST crucial aspect of digital presence and webinars can of course enhance that. The opportunity to incorporate a webinar as archived content on a site can keep views increasing in the following months.

Webinars are an easy and effective way for a business to engage with their audience and raise their profile. And if the organisation is all a bit too technical for you, why not partner up and sponsor a webinar around a topic relevant to your business?

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