Lucie Cowie-  & Tom Webb, Estate Tea Co.

Lucie Cowie-  & Tom Webb, Estate Tea Co.

16 Feb


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Lucie Cowie-  & Tom Webb, Estate Tea Co.


Newcastle tea startup Easy Teasy branches out with new brand

Posted by on 16 Feb 2017

The young entrepreneurs behind Loose leaf tea startup Easy Teasy are embarking on the next stage in their impressive growth journey, with the launch of a sister brand Estate Tea Co.

What began as a university project between Tom Webb and Luci Cowie in 2014, alongside former partner Harry Marshall, the business has risen to be one of the region’s most popular independents, appearing on the shelves of Fenwicks and online retailer Whole Foods Market.

After adding a tea-infused chocolate product range to their offering, Tom and Luci are continuing to innovate through the new brand set to feature some of the world’s rarest loose leaf tea.

The first consignment of tea will be produced from the Rohini tea garden and Gopaldhara tea gardens in Darjeeling, India, as the pair plan to deal directly with plantations to ensure they can get the best tea produced at the perfect time of year.

Owner Luci is set to visit Sri Lanka later this month to meet with plantation owners to find new products to add to the new brand.  

Tom, who has been delighted with the success so far and says the launch of Estate Tea Co. is the perfect next step for the business, said: “We are really proud of what we have achieved so far with Easy Teasy.

“Easy Teasy has been a great success and has exposed consumers to new and unusual flavour experiences. We don’t want to lose any of the fun that comes from the brand and we have big plans to continue bringing new innovative flavours to the Easy Teasy brand throughout 2017.

“But we are proud to announce the launch of Estate Tea Co. This is a tea for the purist which is set to bring some of the finest teas from small, artisan growers from around the world to Britain.

“We have been working really hard alongside our contacts to secure some of the finest teas from really exclusive single estate tea farms around the world and we can’t wait to share these products through this new brand.“

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