SuccorfishM2M fisheries technology aiding IFCA potting bylaws

SuccorfishM2M fisheries technology aiding IFCA potting bylaws

02 Apr


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SuccorfishM2M fisheries technology aiding IFCA potting bylaws


SuccorfishM2M RFID Fisheries Technology Aiding IFCA Byelaw Enforcement

Posted by on 02 Apr 2015

Innovative SuccorfishM2M RFID monitoring technology developed specifically for the fishing industry, is helping Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&S IFCA) to successfully monitor, manage and control the use of recreational lobster pots under new potting permit byelaws.

Promoting efficient and sustainable fisheries management, marine officers from D&S IFCA will now be able to, for the first time, monitor and record the location of fishing activity by individual recreational fishermen as well as identify and remove any pots that do not have permission to be in the water.

Fishermen who have been allocated a potting permit will now be supplied with SuccorfishM2M RFID tags (radio frequency identification) that are securely attached to each pot. Marine enforcement officers are then able to scan each pot using a hand-held RFID reader to ensure that only those fishermen with permits are operational within their jurisdiction. Any pots without a tag will be removed from the water therefore significantly reducing illegal fishing practices and improving activities for other fishermen.

This is the first time that automated RFID technology has been used by a UK inshore authority for byelaw purposes. It is being seen as an effective, collaborative solution for sustainable fishing.

Tom Rossiter, SuccorfishM2M Head of Marine, commented, “SuccorfishM2M provides the most efficient fisheries management and data collection tools so that organisations like Devon and Severn IFCA can successfully implement and monitor fishing activities and deliver sustainable fisheries management. This is a real, industry-led and cost effective solution that is of mutual benefit to both the fishermen and the marine authorities, and can be easily rolled out to other areas.“

SuccorfishM2M is at the forefront of international commercial fisheries development and its robust, fit for purpose, machine-to-machine (M2M) hardware, software and data communication systems provide unrivalled industry solutions. The company’s marine products have led to worldwide agencies proactively delivering sustainable fisheries programmes as well as fishermen boosting livelihoods.

Devon and Severn IFCA covers the north and south Devon coast and the Severn as far as the tide flows. For more details on its potting byelaws for 2015, go to

Additionally, for information regarding SuccorfishM2M fisheries solutions, visit:     

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