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Making the most out of business travel

Posted by on 20 Jun 2013

It’s safe to say that most people would say that they enjoy travelling, particularly given that most people associate travelling with holidays and a much needed rest. A time when you don’t have to worry about work, just explore a new place, experience a different culture and enjoy your surroundings. In summary, it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. Because of this association, for many, the thought of being able to travel as part of a job role seems almost too good to be true - especially when everything is paid for by the company. The reality, however, can be somewhat different.

For a business executive on the go, travelling for work can mean constantly being on the move, catching connection flight after connection flight to get from one appointment to the other. It can also mean being away from home and loved ones for extended periods of time, with executives often travelling alone and being restricted by an extremely tight schedule. Definitely something miles away from your typical holiday travel. Having said that, there are perks to travelling which are included in the position. Management consultants, for instance, often travel to a client’s firm in order to assess the situation locally and to advise them accordingly. This provides a great opportunity to visit new and exciting places and to meet a variety of different people, giving much variety to the job position. While there is variation in the job role in this regard, travelling can, however, remain a constant, monotonous factor. But there are of course, ways to vary things a little and to make the travelling part of work more exciting.

How to make your business travel more stimulating

Travelling to visit a client might mean taking a long haul flight to another country. While the possibilities of making use of the time are somewhat limited in such cases, business and first class flights do provide extensive entertainment options and a suitable environment for getting some work done.

Once you’re at your destination, if you happen to have a time to spare between appointments, or if you’re there for a couple of days, it’s definitely worth considering exploring your new surroundings. Renting a car from a worldwide car rental company like SIXT is just one of the many options available to you when it comes to getting out there to explore. Furthermore, having a hire care at your disposal can give you the opportunity to explore places that perhaps aren’t accessible by public transport.

A huge part of any culture is its cuisine. Whilst abroad, wherever you are, it is highly recommended that you try the local cuisine. You won’t find anything fresher and more authentic than the food that the locals are eating. Rather than sticking to the hotel restaurant or ordering room service, try doing your research using online restaurant review sites to find the best restaurants and bars in the local vicinity. This is the perfect way of doing something cultural in the evenings after your meetings or conference.

When you’re away from family and loved ones, particularly when in another continent, it is likely that you will want to bring them a small present on your return and will perhaps even want something for yourself too. If you enjoy a bit of retail therapy, exploring the local department stores, local boutiques and shopping malls can be a great way to find some nice treats and to kill a bit of time.

In many major cities, you will find some of the most acclaimed arts, cultural and historic institutions – be them museums, galleries, operas or theatres. If your interests lie within the arts, then it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to visit such institutions during your stay. Doing your research ahead, it is always worth looking into any evening performances or exhibitions that you could squeeze into your schedule while over there. At such reputable institutions, you can be certain that a visit won’t disappoint!

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