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Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Posted by on 21 Apr 2017

Technology marvels have amazed the world in the past decade. Pocket-sized devices have made a million things possible at the cost of a finger tap. We as users have the incredible power to access data, modify it according to our needs and communicate in thousand varied ways.

The technology cloud has evolved over the years and it will continue to offer something fresh with every passing year. This looks even more promising for us (technophiles) who breathe technology along with oxygen, which is, of course, the necessity. Haha, just kidding.

Jokes apart, the new year is around the corner and already we have tech experts and industry aficionados predicting notions and trends that’ll dominate the upcoming year.

So, if you are thinking to launch your startup with the start of the next year or looking for a Launchpad to get the things rolling, this is an insightful article for you. Explore the likely trends to dominate 2017 and strategize your business accordingly. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to grab here and tap onto the segments, which are likely to rule the next decade if not beyond.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s been the talk of the town and has been making headlines for quite some time now. Every tech geek is talking about the world being converted or transformed into a connected world. Smart devices are being talked about for better interaction and communication. Connected cars and homes are the new buzz in the market. But, when do we actually get these? What’s holding them back?

It’s probably due to lack of collaboration as organizations are individually looking to set the stage on fire. New entrepreneurs have made an entry to the market- thus increasing the competition. With tech giants like Google, Amazon and more participating more actively than before in this domain we are likely to see a major shift in the next year. You can expect new devices; new segments being explored and new methods for desired outcomes in the coming years.

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Automation will be the new trend

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, the time isn’t far away when we’ll be an addict to looking at jobs being carried out on their own. And 2017 will certainly prove to be influential in this regard. Already human-exclusive tasks have diminished and automation has already emerged as a new leader. Robots have proved their worth in varied segments, but still, their dominance is awaited.

With advanced technology realm, the upcoming year will certainly see major changes in this sector as per the experts and we truly believe the same way.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

It’s a different ball game altogether. Living or experiencing the world, which never existed. Tech startups have done an incredible amount of work in this sector this year. Spreading their wings across domains like gaming and entertainment, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) will take off in 2017 including many others in this vivacious circle.

The first nervous steps have already been taken by companies that cover all the requisites to advance in the positive direction. People went crazy with the recent release of VR game named PokemonGo. The reception was so grand and wild that it took only a few days for the game to reach 100 million downloads.

2017 will be the year to board a unique flight that’ll grant us the power to discover a world of new opportunities and challenges.

Big Data will emerge like never

Data is the key for companies when it comes to taking crucial business decisions or plan future growth strategies. This is where Big Data comes in the picture as a savior. With its modernized approach in handling, storing and analyzing large data sets and transforming into meaningful information, it has been the eye-opener for organizations across the globe. The world of computation, data modeling, mining and analysis has been revamped completely.

But the sad part is that not many companies are potent to take control. A skilled bunch of professionals with a critical eye is in demand. However, tools are good enough to tackle huge chunks of unorganized data, but what holds back is the lack of human factor, which is required for a deeper scrutiny.

In the upcoming year, companies will focus on presenting data in a more organized, accessible and visual way possible with the help of Big Data tools for better understanding, decision making and executing marketing plans.

On-demand applications will rise

We live in a world of mobile apps, which empower us to demand anything, anytime and anywhere. No wonder these demands are getting fulfilled. We want to travel from one point to another, we order cabs. We want to plan a weekend gateway, we book a nearby resort or a picnic spot. We are hungry, we order food. All these at the comfort of our homes or specifically at the comfort of our well-padded sofas. On-demand applications are on the rise. Sectors or areas under the umbrella are limited as of now, but they are likely to grow at a faster rate in the following year. More segments will taste the flavor of on-demand mobile solutions and more undiscovered opportunities will make way for startups and entrepreneurs working in this domain.

Final Words

The world has transformed enormously. Things which once looked bleak to happen are now a piece of cake. Simplicity and tranquility have taken over- all thanks to the evolution of technology. With another year passed, technology has improved, evolved and transformed.

The new year brings along new assumptions, fresh ideas and a lot of surprises. Predictions made in the technology space are often pointless. But, amid all the action, it becomes important to point out what is likely to happen and what trends will emerge as conventions so that the companies can plan accordingly on factors like budget, marketing campaigns and other crucial business aspects.

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