Our Story

Welcome to Bdaily. We are an online publisher of UK regional business news. In addition to timely news, personal development, advice and opinion content, we also provide access to our engaged business audience via online advertising and content marketing services.

Unlike other news providers, we operate as a digital first platform. This means we’re able to provide editorial and advertising services without the anchors of a traditional, physical publishing outlet.

If you’re an interested and active member of the UK business community, we’re ready to work with you.

Our Mission

Keeping our audience informed and engaged. Continually breaking, and fixing, the digital media and marketing models.

Our Values

  • Be Authentic – We are authentic in everything we do. We bring our true selves to work, and build trust among colleagues and clients with professionalism, transparency and honesty.
  • Own your role – We take ownership of the part we play within the team and are dedicated, flexible and open to change. Collectively we are driven to be the best we can be.
  • Pursue Growth – We are committed to the growth of ourselves and the business. We are passionate about feeding our curiosity and striving beyond the everyday, to elevate our learning and knowledge.
  • Value Connection – We value human connection and nurture relationships with the people we work and do business with. We are respectful and mindful of our energy and its impact on everyone around us.

Our Vision

Being the vehicle to globally connect businesses

Our Team

Martin Stanley

Director // Ponderer

Shaping the wider vision

Andrew Carter

Business Manager // Statistician

Strategising and analysing

Matthew Neville

Correspondent // Completionist

Crafting compelling content

Mark Adair

Correspondent // Sleuth

Reporting on the regions

Ashleigh Male

Business Development Manager // Chatterbox

Providing Solutions

Deanna Baldwin

Marketing & Content Coordinator // Pro-planner

Keeping things on track