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During the coronavirus period, most organisations across the UK witnessed a significant drop in revenue. Multiple lockdowns led to a huge surge in online shopping as consumers have moved online to buy everything from weekly essentials to luxury goods.

The lockdowns and social distancing brought about by the coronavirus pandemic may well change the way many people browse, compare, trial and shop indefinitely.

So, what will this mean for businesses?

We discuss key consumer trends observed over the past year, which present a series of fresh opportunities for brands.

Consumers want more control

Consumers seek convenience and immediate, fleeting access to products and services. A growing cohort want to be freed from long-term ties while retaining quick and easy access to opportunities.

Over the past 18 months, the idea of entering a high street store or supermarket might have felt like a risk many people were unwilling to take. Therefore, more consumers have requested key household items be delivered directly to their doorstep using premium courier services.

Over a third (37%) of consumers have subscribed to a paid next-day delivery service (e.g. Amazon Prime) – 9% more compared to two years ago.

Customers’ interest in flexible, subscription-based buying has also seen an increase over the past year. In particular, customers bought toiletries and personal hygiene products (15%), clothes (15%), beauty and cleaning products (14%) and also alcohol (13%) via a monthly subscription – all notable increases on 18 months ago.

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